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  2. He should have some company in prison then. Obama took American citizens to the cleaners on the ACA. He promised that "if you liked your doctor, you could keep your doctor" "if you liked your health insurance plan, you could keep it" "that premiums would go down by $2,500 and that everyone in America would be covered" In fact, despite all the disruption and the billions in spending, as of February 2017 Obamacare’s exchanges cover just 10.3 million people. That’s less than half the number of Americans the Congressional Budget Office estimated back in 2012 would be enrolled. And Joe the Cho MO
  3. even as president he was found guilty of fraud , I know you'll claim otherwise but innocent people dont pay 25 million to settle. And was banned from running a charity because he stole from it innocent people dont fight giving DNA that would clear them of child molestation for years or pay off their victims to the tune of millions
  4. thats why hes so afraid of losing and being out of office because all his illegal dealing will be charged full on he belongs in prison as well as his conspirators
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  6. Don't really need to say anything, seems to me if Trump had done anything wrong/illegal/improper the federal government via the IRS would be freezing the president's bank accounts, seizing his assess and we all know such news would make 'Breaking News' media headlines along with articles about Trump's court dates and-or pending criminals charges... That we haven't, so far, tends to speak for itself ~
  7. Seems Trump didnt the self proclaimed billionaire and great business man claimed he lost so much money he only paid $750 in 2016 and 2017 and he lost so much money over the previous 15 years that he paid no income tax at all for ten of those years .. Now his supporters will rush in claiming how he was smart enough to take advantage of all the tax laws Blah Blah blah. but the reality is He lied , either to everyone when he claimed he was such a great business man (who went bankrupt 4 times) or he lied to the IRS. Really kills the claim that the rich pay more in Taxes , I mean hell if trump can weasel out of paying taxes just imagine what smart businessman can do to avoid paying them.
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    TDS and the elderly.
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  10. I don't pretend to know much about the Catholicism or the Church. But I did recently watch these videos.
  11. I've also noticed several articles posted various places trying to trash president Trump's Supreme Court nominee Amy Coney Barrett, for her faith, this Democrat politicians politicians speaking out against her for being Catholic~ US News and World Report: Judged for Being Catholic Umm, I guess some don't have a clue (or a care) that the Democrat nominee Joe Biden, is also a Catholic. One of the religious tenants of the Catholic faith is that "life begins at conception" and they are, according to their faith opposed to abortions in almost every form and for any reason... So Joe Biden has for decades voted in support of spending bills that include the Hyde Amendment which bars the use of federal funds to pay for abortion except to save the life of the woman, or if the pregnancy arises from incest or rape. But since he's decided to run for president, all of a sudden has stated he's 'pro-choice': "If I believe health care is a right, as I do, I can no longer support an amendment that makes that right dependent on someone's ZIP code," So does that make him a bad Catholic - or just a typical politician?
  12. I think you'll see this either way, if he is or isn't elected. Should end this winter when it gets to be too cold for the protesters to be out.
  13. Um, let me check. Burning cars.. ☑ Burning buildings ☑ Looting ☑ Beatings ☑ Shootings☑ Vandalism ☑ Bottom feeders clog the streets ☑ George Soros Smiles ☑ I need more time please!
  14. I just read an article on CNN where one of their talking heads predicted "street violence", civil unrest and destruction if president Trump isn't reelected... My question is with the exception of the alleged participants, how is this any different than what we have now?
  15. No large leap for man, no large leap for mankind!
  16. I love it... When you post about "lies" from the Republican candidate, you expect to be taken seriously... But when someone points out false statements by your preferred Democrat candidate you accuse people of "nit-picking' and then just roll into your usual TDS, "Trump and Republicans are terrorists" nonsense. Perhaps you missed the statement from your buddy Biden that 200 million, not 200 thousand people have died because of Covid. Here, let me help you out...
  17. If you want to start a post to talk about something completely unrelated to the original topic, feel free... Yeah, there was no denial despite you're saying so... I just flat out ignored another of your race-bating rants and posting something completely unrelated to the topic of discussion. If I were to try to play your game, I'd mention I notice you didn't post anything about the cops shot in cops shot Louisville, Kentucky (one happens to be black, btw) during the Breonna Taylor protest... But that's kind of a cheap shot. If I thought it deserving of posting I would have posted about it. I just find it incongruent that you would claim to be upset when no one posts about a black person having been shot by the police, but when the topic is about a black police officer being shot by a protester you have nothing to say. You also have nothing to say about the thousands of black men, women and children being shot and killed because of violence in places like NY, Chicago and Orlando within the past 30 days. You're just as guilty of talking point tunnel vision as you attempt to accuse others of being the only difference is people usually don't try to give you crap for your blinders - unless you attempt to sling some crap at them for doing the same thing you're doing.
  18. attempts to nit pick why dont you do that with Trumps lies ya know the virus is a hoax, Masks dont help, but here if you want to come to a rally you have to promise you wont sue me if you die . Trump and the GOP are the worst terrorist threat the nation has ever faced already 200,000 plus dead , with their cult jihadists working over time to spread the bio weapon through the country
  19. why didnt I post anything? well I like to give you a chance to show you arent a racist hypocrite, But sadly all you do is prove you are by ignoring the stories. and when they are posted you do your very best to deny or spin the blame to the victims as you just did
  20. I suppose it could be that he is trying to cover for his candidate but in other matters, he is more likely to tell it exactly as it is. He is not a big consumer of news as he is busy running his business throughout the day. I tend to believe that he has missed the short mention of the gaffs that MSM may have presented and/or he may have chosen to adopt a media mischaracterization, via biased reporting.
  21. That Biden had a stutter and overcame it is pretty much common knowledge, but stuttering is a completely different topic than the frequent gaffs Biden tends to display when not reading from a prepared message (and sometimes even then too)... I mean confusing 'two hundred thousand' with "two hundred million"? That ranks right up there with former president Barack Obama claiming to have visited: "57 U.S. states with one left to go". I think your friend is trying to use a common tool when trying to cover the faux-pax by Biden or Democrats by trying to explain for some reason or another 'it wasn't their fault', there's something (or someone) else to blame...
  22. I spoke with a Democrat friend of mine a few days ago and eventually the conversation became political but friendly. I asked him what he thought was causing Biden to make so many gaffs. His reply was (paraphrasing) "oh you guys,! Joe has a stutter, always has had, he just needs a little time to think about what he wants to say" . I don't recall ever hearing Biden make the kind or number of mistakes he has made during his campaign. Of course Fox news reports each incident several times per day, but if mainstream media suppresses it, many voters may be unaware of the frequency or scope of those gaffs. Mrs.Biden must recognize the change!
  23. For more than a decade some in the media have been quick to point out "lies" from Republicans, while at the same time attempting to allow Democrats an out by allowing them to excuse their false statements by claiming they "misspoke", or some such... CNN: "Clinton says she 'misspoke' about sniper fire" Currently the 2019 estimate of the United States of America population is 328.2 million. During a campaign speech in Philadelphia Democrat presidential hopeful Joe Biden stated "200 million people" will die of the coronavirus by the time he finishes his talk. That's nearly two-thirds of the entire U.S. population! And for some reason this failed to make many major network news headlines. This was the Democrat's 'best of the best' when they chose their 2020 presidential candidate?
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  25. In keeping with the topic of Biden flip-flopping on his previously stated public positions... (*when in reality this deserves it's own thread) Biden Flip-flops on his flip-flop regarding presidential appointment of Supreme Court Justice close to presidential election In 1992, with Republican President George H.W. Bush in the White House, then-Senator Biden, the Chairman of the Senate Judiciary Committee, took to the Senate floor to issue a grave warning to the White House and Senate Republicans. If a vacancy occurred in the Supreme Court that year, President Bush should “not name a nominee until after the November election is completed.” Were the president to take this step, Biden stated “the Senate Judiciary Committee should seriously consider not scheduling confirmation hearings on the nomination until after the political campaign season is over.” In fact, Biden reportedly said that if President Bush put forward a nominee, the Judiciary Committee - his committee - should "seriously consider not scheduling confirmation hearings on the nomination until after the political campaign season is over." In a jaw-dropping display of revisionism, in 2016 Biden noted, about the decision to leave the Scalia vacancy open irrespective of who President Obama chose, Biden publicly stated: “Deciding in advance simply to turn your back before the president even names a nominee is not an option the Constitution leaves open. It’s a plain abdication from the Senate’s duty.” Even president Obama suggested it was a president's Constitutional "responsibility" to submit the name to replace a Supreme Court vacancy to replace Justice Scalia, who died Feb. 13, 2016. As a matter of fact RBG had this to say about president Obama submitting his nomination for Scalia's replacement in 2016 when asked if the president had an obligation to nominate and the Senate had an obligation to assess Judge Merrick B. Garland’s qualifications, her answer was immediate. “That’s their job,” she said. “There’s nothing in the Constitution that says the president stops being president in his last year.” Now with the death of Justice Ruth Bader Ginsberg, Biden seems to have flip-flopped on his 2016 flip-flop from his original position in 1992, as well as the advice and opinion offered by his former boss, the President of the United States and at the time, a sitting Supreme Court Justice. Reuters: Biden blasts Trump's plan to push Supreme Court nominee ahead of election “To jam this nomination through the Senate is just an exercise of raw political power.” Biden has abandoned it 2016 opinion and once again taken up his 1992 opinion saying it would be 'improper' for the president (this time Trump - another Republican), to pick and the Senate to consider a Supreme Court nominee so close to an impending presidential election. The only thing that appears to have changed during all of Biden's flipping and flopping around is the political affiliation of the presidents. Biden opposed the nomination of a Supreme Court justice close to a presidential election when there is a sitting Republican president, but supported it when there is a sitting Democrat president prior to an impending presidential election and now says he opposes it again with another Republican president in the White House... Am I wrong? Did I miss something?
  26. The deceptive power of omission.: This is typical of every accounting of the story that I could find, except for one. Suspect arrested in connection with triple homicide in Highview area The rest of the story: I believe there may be an inaccuracy in this account. My understanding was that a "no knock" rather than a "knock and announce" warrant was used to enter the residence of Breonna Taylor.
  27. A truly dangerous media. Vladimir Lenin
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