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    Hey Joey. I saw that this morning, but didn't get over here to post anything. Your Mom was a great lady, the best co-conspirator, master shit-stirer (I mean that in the best way, and I'm sure she would get a laugh out of that) and an all around hoot. She and I had a good relationship in Chatterville, but also in the real world. We didn't "visit", but whenever we saw each other out on the real world we would always say howdy and blab about goings on. She was a special lady, no doubt about that. To you, your brother, Terry, and everyone else in the family, I extend me deepest condolences.
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    So for some reason you know I am wrong? How do you know what the heck Turkey would have done it we hadn't pulled out? You got some predictive powers we don't know about? Ya think that maybe, just maybe Trump knew Turkey was going to attack and thought it was best to pull out? Ya think that maybe, just maybe, he has as many advisers, spies and informants as you do? Let us look at the big picture instead of repeating media trash, shall we? Russia wants to support the current Syria regime. Russia wants to control Syria. Turkey has invaded Syria. The US has pulled out instead of staying and protecting a regime that Russia wants to control.. So that must mean it's all Trump's fault, right? Or maybe, just maybe, Trump made a good choice and got us out of the middle of the shit. But It seems you know better? I don't think so. Of course I gotta respect your years of being a government employee, your years in the military, and your vast knowledge of world wide politics based on your worldly experiences gained while traveling the world. What uncanny insight you must have.
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    With a heavy heart, I wish you and yours healing and the comfort that only a mother can render. I only knew her as a member of "Chatter" and this forum. I'll smile as I recall exchanges in frivolous levity with "Broom HIlda"
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    Linda will be missed. I heard she was in the hospital and wasn't aware of it being so bad. I got a kick out of her facebook posts showing her daily goals. She had such a great sense of humor. https://www.wickhamfamilyfuneralhome.com/obituaries/obituary-listings?obId=8158601&fbclid=IwAR1jtQnmCDyrDMfGkdGhsN_ya5OmwxmIOaMZ5BFTKv8ZWLPzdxXD8Pb0Xjk