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  1. Chicago Daily Herald: Man gets probation for racist rant about woman's Puerto Rico flag T-shirt Cook County Judge Aleksandra Nikolic Gillespie, without comment, handed the Des Plaines man two years of probation and 200 hours of community service. Trybus was also ordered to pay a $150 fine and undergo drug and alcohol evaluation, a state's attorney spokeswoman said. Prosecutors had also sought probation, saying Trybus' target in the June 14, 2018, rant had moved on with her life and wasn't seeking prison time for Trybus, who has no other felony history.
  2. After conducting the "impeachment" process, behind closed doors, Speaker Pelosi, in opposition to past precedence to allow vote on the House floor has said there will be no floor vote on the impeachment charges. Probably because this would allow the president's lawyers and those who oppose the impeachment tactic to allow party members to view statements, question those giving statements and the opportunity to call witnesses to counter testimonial statements, my prediction that this is going to be used by the Democrats as a campaign tool in an attempt to turn public opinion away from president Trump's chances at election in 2020 by just "leaking" dribs and drabs of unsubstantiated and not supported allegations appears to be spot on. An Op-Ed from Congressional Representative Fred Keller (R-PA): "It started with the “Russia Collusion” hoax, which failed, and has turned into an “impeachment inquiry” being conducted behind closed doors with a predetermined outcome meant to deny the will of the American people 13 months before an election. Aside from the alarming impact the current “impeachment inquiry” presents to our form of government is the immediate and practical effect of what it has done to governing. While Speaker Pelosi said that the 116th Congress would be one that unifies, rather than divides our nation, her leadership—or lack thereof—has put real legislating at a standstill. Like many Americans, I am appalled that Congress is consumed with impeachment instead of legislating. Congress has the opportunity to pass real, meaningful legislation this fall. The USMCA would boost our economy and help our farmers and manufacturing sectors. A bipartisan infrastructure bill could literally pave the way to better roads and bridges to ensure safe travel of persons and goods. And immigration reform could finally end the security and humanitarian crisis on our border. Unfortunately for them, Democrats want impeachment over improvement and have traded unity for uselessness." If there is evidence warranting impeachment the Democrats should trot it out and let the American public see it... If there isn't sufficient evidence warranting impeachments the Democrats should get back to the jobs they were elected to do, legislate on measures they've put on hold in pursuit of their impeachment objectives. If this carries over into the 2020 election cycle with no charges, no proof, no evidence against the president I at least hope the American voters will recognize their 4th official attempt to impeach president Trump as the sham it appears to be.
  3. Yep, Hillary Clinton is at it again this time accusing Jill Stein the 2016 Green Party candidate Tulsi Gabbard (D-HI), 2020 Democratic presidential hopeful of being "Russian assets"... CNN: Hillary Clinton suggests Russians are 'grooming' Tulsi Gabbard for third-party run Neither Gabbard nor Stein took it well it seems... CNN: 'I am not a Russian spy': Jill Stein slams Clinton's accusations The only thing I can figure is now that the Clinton Email server topic is once again under the scrutiny of the State Department Inspector General and the DOJ, Hillary's going to try for an insanity defense and these are the opening salvos to prove just how crazy she is...
  4. OK This is stupid and CNN's worse for passing along this race-baiting story... Gina Rodriguez rapped along to a song from the Fugees called "ready or not", she spoke the lyrics exactly as the song was written and get's grief from people on social media and a few of the usual suspect "news" networks, for singing the lyrics to a song - exactly as written... WTH?!? Double standards much?!!? CNN: Actress Gina Rodriguez comes under fire over her use of the n-word Actress Gina Rodriguez is facing yet another racial scandal -- this time over a social media post in which she used the n-word. A video posted on her Instagram on Tuesday shows Rodriguez getting her hair done as The Fugees song "Ready or Not" plays in the background. The "Jane the Virgin" star raps "I can do what you do ... believe me. (N-word) give me heebie-jeebies," before chuckling out loud. She later deleted the video but not before people saved it and shared it widely on social media. After a flurry of criticism, she posted another video... {apologizing} And here's the "offensive" stanzas, CNN and folks on social media are so upset about... ..."I can do what you do, easy, believe me Fronting niggas give me hee-bee-gee-bees So while you're imitating Al Capone, I'll be Nina Simone And defecating on your microphone" "Here's a break down of some of the comments from a Youtube video discussing Gina's "offensive" use of the 'N-word' "... "Gina is from Puerto Rico and Cardi B is from Dominican Republic but yet when Cardi says the n-word in one of her songs where's the outrage?" "JLo said "the N-word" in her song “I’m Real”, where was the outage then?" "Quentin Tarantino manages to write the N word into many of his movie scripts - how many Oscars does he have ?" "Where was all this outrage over the N word when a (Puerto Rican) tekashi69 used this word at least 10 times in the first 9 seconds in the song 'gummo'..." I personally consider all forms of the "N-word" offensive, regardless of almost every context or who uses it or their race. It is not OK for some to use the N-word, then claim offense when someone else uses it. There is no special dispensation allowing a few to use the N-word and it not be considered offensive, then if someone else uses it, to consider it offensive - especially in this context. If anyone wants to find something to be offended by, they will find a reason to be offended, even if it is something stupid like this.
  5. NBC News: 38 people cited for violations in Clinton email probe The State Department has completed its internal investigation into former Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton's use of private email and found violations by 38 people, some of whom may face disciplinary action. The department determined that those 38 people were "culpable" in 91 cases of sending classified information in messages that ended up in Clinton's personal email. The 38 are current and former State Department officials but were not identified in the report that was sent to Congress this week. The investigation covered 33,000 emails that Clinton turned over for review after her use of the private email account became public. The department said it found a total of 588 violations involving information then or now deemed to be classified...
  6. NPR: Maryland Democratic Rep. Elijah Cummings Dies At 68 I didn't have to agree with you or your every word to respect you and try to honor you for your service to this country and it's people. Rest well, you earned it.
  7. Yeah, I'll probably catch hell for posting this... but what makes that different from any other day (I jest) NBC News: Want to save lives in mass shootings? Ban large-capacity magazines, researchers say From 1990 to 2017, most 'high-fatality mass shootings' were done by shooters equipped with high-capacity magazines. Considering it's NBC, at least try to ignore all of the left spinning and anti-gun lobby commentary... I've commented several times I have no problem banning LCM's, passing a law that says a firearm can only shoot 10 times without reloading -vs- 30 to 100 times without loading does not "infringe" on anyone's Constitutional right to "Keep and bear arms" and there is no Constitutional clause about limiting how many rounds a person's firearm holds. The opposing view is, banning LCM's will do little to nothing to keep a potential mass shooter from picking up and using a firearm which is correct but still, aside from the "fun" aspect is there really any practical reason someone needs to have a magazine or clip that holds more than 10 shells?
  8. Oh I do, but I always like to offer someone the opportunity to back up their words - if they can... That they don't, simply confirms for me they can't so I (we) can dismiss their comments for the unsupportable and probably false claims they are with a clear conscience. **BTW did anyone else look up this Nate Lerner, the person who posted the comment DF parroted? "co-founder Draft Beto, Obama 2012, #BoycottTrump app creator," Not at all surprising all things considered.
  9. OK, Russia took over some bases after U.S. forces left, as I said; "who cares?"... Before our troops were there those positions likely belonged to Syria or the Kurds. Russia is now their ally. So if it's OK with the Kurds and Syria for the Russians to occupy abandoned military - what of it? Sounds to me you're just looking for anything you can grasp to argue about - As you yourself pointed out, at least one bases occupied by American troops came under artillery fire... what are we supposed to do tough it out and intentionally stay in the middle of two - maybe three or more countries fighting each other? Aren't you the little warmonger all of a sudden... And the part of your meme about; "I hope Trump gave our military time to shred documents and destroy classified devices' is just so much Trump-hater BS and you know it, but as usual, you post it anyway.
  10. NBC News: Pelosi says House won't hold impeachment vote 'at this time' House Speaker Nancy Pelosi said Tuesday that the House will not hold a formal floor vote on their impeachment inquiry into President Donald trump "at this time." "There is no requirement that we have a vote. So at this time, we will not be having a vote," Pelosi told reporters on Capitol Hill after a brief closed-door Democratic caucus meeting.
  11. More mostly false fantasy and misinformation... First of all American troops have not withdrawn from Syria yet so if the prisoners were safely confined in those prisons when 1,000 American troops were in Syria a month ago - since 1,000 American troops are still in Syria, how could the prisoners escape be the fault of Trump pulling out those 1,000 American troops? Secondly former president Obama personally intentionally orchestrated and ordered the release of Taliban fighters in Syria - Trump did not intentionally orchestrate nor order the release of prisoners - Do you really think anyone other than those TDS afflicted minds will consider the two incidents 'same-same'? *Again please thank your usual sources for providing those memes which are so easily shown to be false and complete misrepresentations of actual fact. It certainly keeps me from having to spend a lot of time digging to try to refute your not quite accurate posts. Again even the often anti-Trump biased NBC network seems to be more honest in their representation of facts than you and your memes... CNBC: As Turkish jets bombard the area, many of the personnel responsible for containing those prisoners are being forced to the front to defend themselves or their families, Kurdish forces say. The prisoners aren't escaping those prisons because U.S. Troops are getting ready to pull out. The prisoners are escaping because Kurdish forces are abandoning those camps to confront the Turkish military. What were we supposed to do tell our 1,000 troops to guard the prisoners while Kurdish troops took off to fight the Turks? As Paul's post and new Global intelligence reports suggest, Turkey was probably on the brink of invasion regardless of whether or not there were American troops in the region and if Trump hadn't ordered our troops out, we could well be reading about 'American troops (instead of Kurdish troops) are being bombed and shelled by Turkish forces'. Then in all likelihood we would be in a military confrontation with Turkey, another NATO member. Also the meme's statement that the Taliban 5 were "non-combatants", also seems to be bit of false information. See for yourself. Something I didn't know is apparently the American forces and the Kurds have been guarding ISIS fighters from all over Europe but outlines yet another piece of false information from the meme. President Trump did not "arrange for the release" of ISIS prisoners. He tried to get the countries who sent those prisoners to Syria to take them back - they said "No". So he arranged for the transfer of those prisoners to Turkish forces according to ABC News. ABC News: The White House also confirmed that Turkey will take possession of all captured ISIS fighters from the past two years. "The United States Government has pressed France, Germany, and other European nations, from which many captured ISIS fighters came, to take them back, but they did not want them and refused," the U.S. said in it statement. "The United States will not hold them for what could be many years and great cost to the United States taxpayer." On Monday morning, Trump tweeted, "The United States was supposed to be in Syria for 30 days, that was many years ago. We stayed and got deeper and deeper into battle with no aim in sight. As one person posted in the reply area: "Unbelievable. The responses to this tweet actually have people in favor of endless wars in places we don't belong." You know what, those bases (or the land) probably belonged to the Syrians or the Kurds before we occupied it and now that we're getting ready to leave they once again belong to the Syrians, Kurds - no doubts with a few improvements - or maybe their Russian allies... who cares? It's not like we're giving the Russians Nebraska, get over your anti-Trump, TDS self. I'd rather see Russia sending their soldiers over to bleed in the sands of these countries rather than see our military men and women dying over there. Yeah, I have no problem supporting president Trump's efforts moving more of our American military personnel out of potential conflict areas with little or no strategic or national security importance to the U.S.. I may not approve of how it was done, but I absolutely approve of it being done. Now if someone could just figure out a way to get us (our troops) out of Afghanistan... As I previously stated we were at a stalemate in the Syria conflict and our only options were to increase our military presence for security, to keep our military numbers the same and be vulnerable to attack from any number of factions, turn the region over to someone else like, the Kurds - but they couldn't handle it, turn it over to other member forces like the EU - but they didn't want it, or abandon the area before we were attacked by one opposing faction or another. Our troops have been fighting and dying in someone else's senseless regional conflict long enough - It's time to stop placing so many of our American fighting men and women in harm's way and maybe think about maybe bringing a few of them home for a change. That so many progressive, liberals and Democrats now seem to be "War Hawks" saying we should have left the American military in the region, fighting someone else's war is probably one of the most disingenuous statements I've ever heard from the "peace loving" left.
  12. Truth out... of course some, but not all Kurds are among those anti-Turkish fighters, and it is probably good to remember also that some (but again not all) Kurdish fighters are also supporters and fighters for ISIS, mostly because ISIS is fighting Syria and Turkey. Both of whom have been denying the Kurds their own independent state for years. The Kurds consider themselves "freedom fighters", while opposition factions consider them "terrorists", much akin to other conflicts we see going on around the globe. The conflict between Israeli and Pakistan for instance. The Kurdish–Turkish conflict is the name given to an armed conflict between the Republic of Turkey and various Kurdish insurgent groups, which have demanded separation from Turkey to create an independent Kurdistan, or to have autonomy separate from Turkish and Syrian influence.
  13. OK you can prove that right? What am I thinking, of course you can't... The Syrian military and the Kurds (along with Russia and the United States) have been opposing the Islamic State forces in Syria for years, and now with the withdrawal of about 1,000 U.S. troops from Syria, who are going to Iraq and Kuwait, you're trying to convince us ISIS is suddenly going to have a resurgence. 1,000 U.S. troops have been holding the Islamic State at bay in Syria... That's funny right there ~
  14. As I already mentioned, the Benghazi investigation wasn't with the stated purpose of attempting to unseat or impeach the president, or any Obama administration official. But after weeks of false information being disseminated by Obama officials and even the president himself to find the truth behind who attacked (not just a random mob), why they attacked (not "because of a movie") and what if anything could have been done to better protect Embassy personnel (why were multiple requests to the State Department for additional security from Embassy officials, including Stevens himself were ignored) and why were security assets previously assigned to the Embassy withdrawn prior to the attack (BBC -US security 'cut' before Benghazi consulate attack), once the investigation was done several State Department officials either resigned or were reassigned. The Benghazi investigation did not go on a fishing expedition to uncover business or financial improprieties of those involved. There were no press conferences With the Speaker of the House talking about removing anyone from office and with the exception of the subsequent discovery and investigation regarding Clinton's private email server, Congress remained withing the scope of investigating events, policy and decisions related to the Benghazi attack. The Mueller investigation started to determine if president Trump was guilty of "collusion", trying to get Russia to help him get elected - It determined he was not. The Mueller investigation then went to charges of "obstruction" and determined there was - no determination Trump committed a crime. Then the Mueller investigation expanded it's investigation further to look into the finances and business dealings of the president and those connected to the Trump campaign... There was no discovery leading to charging Donald Trump specifically, or those associated with his campaign with either "collusion with Russia to influence the 2016 election" or "obstruction of justice", but that's already been stated and reference provided. As for yet another of your 'not quite accurate' memes... Ten investigations were conducted into the 2012 Benghazi attack, six of these by Republican-controlled (but not Republican only) House committees. Problems were identified with security measures at the Benghazi facilities, due to poor decisions made by employees of the State Department's Bureau of Diplomatic Security, and specifically its director Eric Boswell. The FBI {Not Republicans} opened its investigation soon after the attack and it remains ongoing. On May 2, 2013. The U.S. Senate Select Committee on Intelligence delivered their bipartisan report on the terrorist attacks on January 15, 2014. Five {bipartisan} House Committees (Armed Services, Foreign Affairs, Intelligence, Judiciary, and Oversight and Government Reform) initiated their own inquiries soon after the attack. The Republicans on these five House Committees[9] delivered an interim report to the Members of the House Republican Conference on April 23, 2013. The State Department {Not Republicans) established on October 4, 2012, an Accountability Review Board "to examine the facts and circumstances of the attacks". Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs Committee {Again, not just Republicans} with Chairman Joe Lieberman (I-CT) and Ranking Member Susan Collins (R-ME) opened an investigation in mid October 2012. Their final report was delivered December 31, 2012. In May 2014, House Speaker John Boehner announced a House select committee would be formed to further investigate the attacks in light of new State Department documents released on April 29, 2014. Yeah if you have information that more than 10 investigations, 9 Congressional investigations took place, I challenge you to tell us what they were... *By the way you should probably thank folks like Nate Lerner's Twitter feed, Facebook, Occupy Democrats and the rest of your usual sources for providing those fanciful and misleading statements which are easily shown to be false. It certainly keeps me from having to spend a lot of time digging to try to determine the veracity of their statements.