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  1. This conviction and punishment sets a dangerous precedent IMO. Trybus' lawyer, again IMO, wasn't worth parking meter change, if this conviction was based on the portion of the purported 36 minute video that appears to depict the crux of the case. After viewing the video several times, I never heard any mention or inference of race in his drunken rant about the t-shirt Irizarry was wearing. He did ask if she was an American Citizen to which she answered in the affirmative. Trybus is clearly a mean and verbally aggressive drunk, not unlike some I encountered in bars in my younger years. I hope Trybus appeals the case to a higher court. The only racial bias that I could detect was exhibited in the court ruling. I suspect that is why the Judge handed down the sentence without comment. For a crime not as serious as attacks on white MAGA hat Trump supporters, this idiot now has 2 felony counts on this record.
  2. With a heavy heart, I wish you and yours healing and the comfort that only a mother can render. I only knew her as a member of "Chatter" and this forum. I'll smile as I recall exchanges in frivolous levity with "Broom HIlda"
  3. There is still the matter of a 2/3 vote in the Senate required to convict and remove the president. Which could be a lengthy process.
  4. https://twitter.com/American_Mirror?ref_src=twsrc^tfw|twcamp^tweetembed|twterm^1177576868733698048&ref_url=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.oann.com%2Fson-of-house-speaker-pelosi-made-money-in-ukraine-used-her-in-ads%2F
  5. I think that statements like this one presupposes that the reader can grasp concepts of hypothesis, analogy and potential.
  6. It appears that President Trump may have baited the cretins in the Democrat party to highlight the corruption of one of its presidential candidates. I wonder if being a Presidential candidate precludes that candidate from having his alleged corrupt activities investigated during his campaign, and before the election. It seems it was permissible during the 2016 campaign, to the extent that the 0bama administration spied, and used foreign agents to spy on a 2016 candidate. Trumps takes his time machine back to the corrupt 0bama days. Mr President is going to do well with his newest product line, which includes handkerchiefs, tissues, adult diapers and this medication for those suffering from TDS.
  7. Some interesting reading here! https://www.scribd.com/document/427618359/Shokin-Statement and here: https://thehill.com/opinion/campaign/463307-solomon-these-once-secret-memos-cast-doubt-on-joe-bidens-ukraine-story#.XY02ewYDEV8.twitter
  8. Your position of expertise is documented and noted.
  9. Thanks for proving my point... for the _?_ time. ha ha. Easy there skippy, someone may recognize your Freudian slip, berating sexual preference.
  10. It was you that diverted to shootings, by the way. Good grief! Do you expect everyone to read and and spoon feed you the source material that you cite? I will highlight the relevant parts in the second paragraph and give you a one sentence summary. Previously, all children born to U.S. citizen parents were considered to be "residing in the United States," and therefore would be automatically granted citizenship under Immigration and Nationality Act 320. Now, children born to U.S. service members and government employees who are not yet themselves U.S. citizens, while abroad, will not be considered as residing in the U.S., changing the way that they potentially receive citizenship. Children who are not U.S. citizens and are adopted by U.S. service members while living abroad will also no longer receive automatic citizenship by living with the U.S. citizen adopted parents. Summary: from the article...changing the way that they potentially receive citizenship. I don't usually post stories about people you and the media often casually refer to as Nazis, white supremacists, because you both do it without regard to facts, just as you and the media have done with the term Racist. You both have siphoned off its impact, by "crying wolf"... for shock effect and when you cant support your claims. Both you and the msm wont hear the facts that paint your favorite protected minorities in a less than pristine light. You call anyone that does post those facts a racist or one of your other go to labels rather than accept proof. By the way, how many threads have you started when the shooter was black or hispanic? I would calculate that number to be ZERO. According to your usage, that would make you racist and biased ... RIGHT? Oh and when there is a white shooter there is no need for anyone else to start a thread, because we all know that you most certainly get around to it... not because you care about the victims but because it serves that "white people bad, "orange man bad" narrative that is eating you alive. I am sure that if I had been born black, I wouldn't want any two bit white clown rushing to my defense as if though I was incapable or so inferior that I couldn't defend myself. I can only guess that the reason you people do that is a continuation of the subjugation that is baked into Democrat party. I think that covers about all I wanted to say except for noting your lack of response to an earlier post , i'll skip that one for now.
  11. Not much talk of this September 11th attack. Don't take my word for it, listen to how one of those "little brown kids" frames it. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OPN_lZzM9v8
  12. Its gets more and more difficult to communicate with someone with your sub level of reading comprehension. Below is the grand total of 4 sentences from which you extracted "and theres RC predictable blame the blacks post but oh no he's not racist ... Much" 1 I'm curious to know how many posters are even aware of this shooting. 2It happened during the course of the progression of this thread. 3It seemed to be absent the fanfare that similar incidents receive.4 I have to ask myself how many more incidents with similar demographics enjoy the same disparity in reporting because it didn't fit a particular narrative. Please use the numbers to designate the racist sentence. It's not a big deal but I am very curious as to how your brain malfunctions so effectively.
  13. I'm curious to know how many posters are even aware of this shooting. It happened during the course of the progression of this thread. It seemed to be absent the fanfare that similar incidents receive. I have to ask myself how many more incidents with similar demographics enjoy the same disparity in reporting because it didn't fit a particular narrative.
  14. One might think that having suffered defeat after relentless defeat as a result of multiple investigations, predicated on allegations of collusion, they would follow the example of Adam "‘Ample evidence of collusion" Schiff and crawl into a sound proof crevice and disappear. Ask yourself: when the last time you heard that fool's name on a news program //snicker ha ha. This impeachment narrative is nothing more than political theatrics, a life line if you will, for the sinking hopes of the base to cling to, as we await the 2020 election.