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  1. Yes, good point on the public humiliation part. Public shaming can be a terrible thing. The alternative route would have been to get community support to get the word out to call the Mayor to voice concerns and if that does not work, take the next step and actually vote for someone else in the next election. Hopefully these will all be lessons learned for future public service officials.
  2. I have been following the morning sun news article that came out. Does what happened NEED a federal lawsuit? Could this be mitigated in other ways besides a lawsuit? I think that it could even scare good people from ever signing up to sit on a commission - if you break KOMA intentionally or accidentally you could have to defend yourself by hiring a lawyer. If I recall correctly, recently in the Pittsburg City commission meeting there was confusion over KOMA because it had changed and NO TRAINING was made available or required to be taken. In my opinion, it also shows the true colors of the people filing the lawsuit. I have thought it was strange that a small town issue has been plastered in several small new sites and the KC Star. I find that the work of professionals who know how to smear someone. Any thoughts on this?