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  1. Haven't heard any more about this. Maybe I'm just not connected to the right sources.
  2. Used to really enjoy going to those but haven't gone in several years. I used to have a friend who had a pulling tractor (many years ago) and would occasionally go with him.
  3. Something I've not seen in a LONG time.....two of us here at the same time! Hi Ace!
  4. Kansan

    Biden's VP Pick?

    She would probably make more sense than anyone else. Probably doesn't have too many people that don't like her.
  5. Kansan

    Biden's VP Pick?

    So, Biden has been told if he doesn't choose a black female as his running mate, he will lose the election. https://www.foxnews.com/politics/black-male-leaders-biden-election-black-female-running-mate
  6. Kansan

    Biden's VP Pick?

    I saw a video of Joe Biden yesterday stating if you wanted to know who he has selected for his running mate that that you could sign up for his campaign and receive notice of HER name before it's released to the press. Any guesses as to who this person might be? Do you think it'll help/hurt his chances of winning?
  7. Believe it was Patrick Smith. I don't remember exactly what was said but seem to recall it was spray painted with accusations about him & a young lady. I think I've still got the photo here somewhere, just can't lay my hands on it at the moment. Sort of felt bad for him. I met him years ago & he seemed like a really nice guy.
  8. I remember businesses used to give them away as gifts. I feel lucky to get an ink pen anymore.
  9. Good points. I attended school in Wichita back in the early 70's when there were problems with riots due to racial tensions. I can tell you from first hand experience that people were attacked for absolutely no reason in the school where I went (I never even saw the guy that hit me from behind). Really have a hard time accepting BLM, their demonstrations then demanding equality and monetary compensation for someone's ancesters that they never knew. I certainly haven't accumulated great wealth, or any other benefits, from my family that was around 200 years ago.
  10. I have a bi-racial friend on Facebook & she has posted several things in support of BLM and also supports the demonstrations going on, even with their destruction. She was raised totally by her mother (white). I guess I was really surprised by her support of all the "(un)peaceful demonstrations" and actually was quite vocal about it.
  11. Kansan

    Who You Gonna' Call?

    Any call an officer goes out on has the potential to get ugly. Soon it'll be like the old west & everybody will be carrying a gun.
  12. We're having a big problem with moles in the yard this year. I've put Spectracide granules on the entire lawn 2-3 times and used the poison pellets to put in their tunnels. Even bought one of the spring-loaded traps to try but cannot get rid of them. Has anyone else had a problem or know of a good solution?