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  1. https://www.foxnews.com/politics/trump-campaign-fires-back-after-obama-claims-credit-for-economic-boom
  2. I've used Quicken for several years to manage various accounts but they've gone to a yearly renewal fee, which I don't like. I see Microsoft offers MoneyPoint which is free. Just wondering if anyone has any experience with this or any other suggestions for something to use? I mainly use it to enter checking account information so I can get a good tax summary for spending each year. I don't pay bills online or anything like that. It's just for record-keeping purposes.
  3. I see they've announced the Sears store at Northpark Mall will be closing by February. I always enjoyed going in there but last time I walked through the tool area, they had a lot of empty shelves. I hate to lose it, but figured it'd happen eventually.
  4. This is the Casey's where I normally go. Guess one should never feel too safe anymore. Seems you even have to watch your back in Wal-Mart stores.
  5. If they were to do this, wouldn't they just buy electricity from someone (Westar), mark it up and you end up with the same source but higher rates?
  6. Kansan

    Taco Tuesday

    I think El Charro has taco specials.
  7. It's bad enough that you have to do the self-checkout but then they pretty much accuse you of stealing from them as you go out the door. If they don't trust the general public any more than that, hire more checkers and do away with the self-service lanes.
  8. Wiebelhaus Tree Service @ Fort Scott. 620-224-7341
  9. Things can change in an instant. Remember how some of Hillary's problems seemed to disappear after Bill met privately with Loretta Lynch?
  10. They do get creative anymore.
  11. Kansan


    Great idea. We bought dresses for our daughters. They wore them once & probably ended up giving them away. There should be something available for the guys to get a tuxedo for a reasonable cost too.
  12. http://fortscott.biz/news/24981 Looks like it may not be available until June 1, but thought I'd post it, in case it would work for you.
  13. Congratulations on your upcoming wedding & welcome to SEK Community forum!
  14. Have a Merry Christmas everyone. Stay safe and enjoy your time with family!