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  1. They still have openings around this area. Pittsburg, Girard, St Paul, Parsons, etc.
  2. Do you like helping people? Do you have transportation? Can you pass a drug screen and background check? Are you looking for a rewarding job? If you said yes to these four questions this may be for you. Here is the flyer and a link to the company hiring. ResCare in Parsons is located at 1772 East 24000 Rd, Parsons, KS 67357 They are also hiring in Kansas City, Kansas. Feel free to tell them I REFERED you. Hutch
  3. You are correct Don. The Supreme Court, in all their wisdom, legally redefined "infringe" to make it legal to "infringe". They have turned a "right" into a privilege, can decide just which Citizens can have that right, and just what type of arms aren't considered "arms" in their rulings. I am sorry you don't see it as just another way to create a lower class of citizen, deny them their right, and restrict the rights of the common class of citizen. Of course the upper class, or middle class citizen who has disposable income, can get permits, and approval, to own types of "arms" denied to plain 'ol citizens. The fact that the government, who are really just citizens elected by us to serve us, retain the power to have access to the "arms" being denied citizens being accepted is just one more step to becoming a dictatorship. To me, that doesn't spell freedom. It spells perverting the Constitution and the Bill of Rights our forefathers and many generations held dear. It is sad how so many are willing to accept the loss of rights in the name (rationalized /justified to us) called SAFETY and for YOUR WELL BEING. I have seen these laws change in my lifetime. They say they aren't "infringing" on our right to bear arms, they are just restricting that right. Again, I am sorry you don't see restricting as being a form of infringing. If the "common sense" gun laws keep being accepted you just might be only to be able to own one of these, for awhile, until someone else decides "common sense" decides the Supreme Court needs to restrict ownership of it too. Meanwhile your "servants" (armed enforcers) will still look like the second picture. Common sense.
  4. The right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed unless? They didn't pass the government's mandatory background check They already bought a hand gun this month Bought a gun and sold it to a friend Commited a certain type of crime (the list keeps growing) They are buying 22 ammo that could also be used in a handgun and not being 21 The government decided to suspend this right and can take your firearm (property) away without a conviction of committing a crime. Then it is okay to infringe upon this right?
  5. Sorry. I get turned of by any statement that uses "Common Sense". It is a weak attempt to justify or qualify any statement following. It als suggest that if one disagrees they lack common sense because the statement has been presented a a common sense approved statement. But who has to right to claim something is just common sense? I don't accept "common sense" as an acceptable/valid point in support of any statement. In fact common sense would dictate that if it had common sense you wouldn't need to label it common sense to support it. (LOL) Common sense would suggest that it would be valid enough without the common sense justification or ractionalization to support it or claim it is common sense. (LOL) Truth be told, most use the term "common sense" to get others to yield to whatever they are presenting. They want you to assume "it's logical" because it is labeled as "common sense"
  6. Hutch

    trump puerto rico

    Where are all the name callers now that facts are being presented? I guess it was fun to jump on the name calling bandwagon back when there was only speculation and fact denying. Now that Trump's statements come to light as truth they are all so quiet.
  7. To answer your question Don. In my OPINION the guy in your picture is responsible for so many from the left going to the center and right. Also in my OPINION so has the impeachment farce. Some think that Trump was behind it all just to make the Dems look like fools. LOL
  8. Nope. We all don't KNOW Iran was just an attempted diversion. However there is a group of people that THINK so.
  9. Back on topic. Ya gotta love how the House passed their articles of impeachment on to the Senate, and then expect the Senate to call witnesses to look for evidence they didn't have in their articles of impeachment passed to the Senate is to judge. ???????????? Given the partisan nature of this impeachment, from the very beginning, and throughout, and the fact the House sent articles of impeachment to the Senate that was rushed and flawed, is no reason for the Senate to do anything more than judge what they received. The House isn't asking the Senate to approve their article of impeachment. They want the Senate to investigate their unproven charges for them. The Dems haven't lost yet. But I noticed they are already crying that if they don't get their way then it wasn't a fair trial. “this is not a fair trial,” Schiff said” Jeffries said a fair trial "demands" that Mulvaney testify It is quite clear they all took their meds this week.
  10. Yep, that must be it. It couldn't have anything to do with a guy that used to be fair and just, when Obama was in office, becoming an hateful jerk once Trump got elected. No, with all his mind reading abilities he has decided that Don and RC has driven everyone off. I hate to bust your bubble but I quite reading the crap posted here last October. You got one guess just who's post I found: 1- insulting (see quoted post) 2-speculation presented as fact (see quoted post) 3-complete nonsense. (see quoted post) 4-always falling back on name calling when asked for validation (see his other posts) 5-white guy playing the race card while calling all latinos black or brown. (see many of his other posts) Hint: It wasn't Don or RC I'll give you a hint
  11. Sounds like BS. I never self check but have been asked a few time, which I always say no and keep walking. If it was a self check problem you wouldn't think they would ask people at random that didn't self check.
  12. Hutch

    Great News

    Count the number of people sitting quietly. It's a math thing so feel free to ask for help.
  13. Only you would say something so childish. We had no Janitors (notice the correct spelling). We had cleaning contractors, who were the FIRST to be let go. Head hunters? Another not true statement. The company lined up jobs to the company that bought them out. "Head Hunters" LOL! I've had offers, however, I told each one I wanted to stick it out until the end. Someone has to over see the rigging. Bragging about being fired, then claiming you made sure it happened, isn't another first. You always post unsupported BS now days. Nice to hear you started a job. May you learn to finish one someday. It is still looking as if Trump has 2020 in the bag.