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Found 16 results

  1. The American Numismatic Association, the nation's "coin club", has announced that this year's "National Coin Week" will be held April 15-21. There will be several area events and I'm holding one at In God We Trust LLC, 609 Main, Mindenmines, MO on Wednesday, April 18 from 10 to 2. Every visitor that day will receive a collectible coin just for dropping by and saying, "Hi!". Mindenmines is located on HWY 160, just one mile East of the KS/MO state line. We're just five minutes East of the Highway 69/Highway 160 junction in Frontenac (State Park Corner). I'm open over the lunch hour so come on over and get your free gift. Dave (417) 842-3000 day of the event. Want to reach me prior? Call (620) 423-6600. (I'm always buying old coins and can see you for a private appointment. Just call!)
  2. until
    Join us Saturday, April 7, 2018 at Lamar, MO's Thiebaud Auditorium for the Inaugural Jefferson Highway Coin & Collectors Show. This FREE admission, family-friendly hobby event spotlights Lamar and Barton County, Missouri's rich history and current tourism opportunities. Learn more about the Jefferson Highway, the Truman Birthplace and the Prairie State Park while shopping for old coins, paper money, sports cards, foreign money and precious metals. Youth activities sponsored the Lamar Parks & Recreation Department will benefit from lunch sales. Come to Lamar, MO and make a day of it! Shop, learn, tour and relax in Barton County, Missouri. For more information contact Dave Sorrick of In God We Trust LLC at 620-423-6600.
  3. until
    FREE coin appraisals! Just bring in your collection of old coins and paper money to In God We Trust LLC on Wednesday, March 7 for a no obligation, no charge appraisal of your collection using 2018 metals prices and guide books. Open 10 to 2 and I stay open over the lunch hour. 609 Main, Mindenmines, MO. Phone in the shop is 417-842-3000. Phone prior to Wednesday is (620) 423-6600. 2018 Numismatic Calendar.pdf
  4. until
    Will you win the Olympic Proof Silver Dollar door prize? Join us Tuesday evening for our monthly coin auction in Mindenmines, MO. Doors open at 5:30pm at 611 Main, Mindenmines, MO for the original "cash & carry" coin auction! Lists at . Phone day of auction is (417) 842-3000; prior to auction call (620) 423-6600. "In God We Trust, all others pay ca$h!"
  5. until
    We pause our routine coin consignment auction series to bring you the contents of one man's coin collection from SE KS. This is just the "tip of the ice burg" (weather pun) as there is much more to come. Please come help us help him and his family dispose of some of his coin collection. Sale will be held on Tuesday, January 9 at 6:30 pm at 611 Main, Mindenmines, MO. You can preview at 5:30 that evening. We will have a 1/10th oz. GOLD American Eagle on our raffle door prize. Lists at . Call me at 620-423-6600 if you have any questions, Please. Find In God We Trust LLC on Facebook. Bring ca$h as "In God We Trust, all others pay ca$h!" (Remember... we can sell for you, too!)
  6. ONE DAY ONLY: I'll open IN GOD WE TRUST LLC, your local coin shop at 609 Main, Mindenmines, MO from 10am to 5pm on Wednesday, November 1. No appointment needed...just drop in and deal! Need a coin appraisal? I'll appraise for FREE at this event. Know what you have and what it's worth before you decide to sell! (417) 842-3000
  7. wavydavy


    Big Coin Auction slated for Tuesday evening November 14, 2017 in Mindenmines, MO. Join us at 5:30pm for previewing the coin lots. Live auction starts at 6:30pm. Go to to see the lists (as they are available they will be posted). Interested in selling your old coins at auction? Call Dave Sorrick at (620) 423-6600. All are welcomed to attend but we don't don't take checks or 'Merican Xpress! In God We Trust, all others pay ca$h!
  8. until
    Our monthly coin auction is your opportunity to sell your coin collection directly to coin collectors from throughout the region. With buyers from KC, NW Arkansas, SW MO and SE KS, there is always a demand for fresh material. Come check out the fun! I can sell for you, too! Border Town Auction House, 611 Main, Mindenmines, MO Dave 620-423-6600
  9. I am offering FREE appraisals of old coins at In God We Trust LLC, 609 Main, Mindenmines, MO on Wednesday, July 26 from 10am to 2pm. No appointment needed... just drop in! Dave (417) 842-3000 in the store on Wednesday.
  10. ONE DAY ONLY... I'll hold a Coin Buying Event on Wednesday, JULY 19 from 10am to 2pm at In God We Trust LLC, 609 Main, Mindenmines, MO. Fresh off the success of the Carthage, MO Coin show, I have ca$h for your old coins. Bring your stash to our coin shop and get our offer. Phone on Wednesday is 417-842-3000. You can reach me other times at 620-423-6600.
  11. One Day Only: Get your FREE new 2017s Ozarks Riverways Quarter at In God We Trust LLC, 609 Main, Mindenmines, MO on Wednesday, June 28 from 10am to 2pm. Supplies are limited. One free 25c to every visitor to our Coin shop next Wednesday! (417) 842-3000 day of event. www,
  12. until
    Coin Auction, features lots of 90% silver coins, at 611 Main, Mindenmines, MO (old Bank of Minden building). Doors open at 5:30pm; live auction starts at 6:30pm. "In God we trust; all others pay CA$H". Dave 620-423-6600 or 417-842-3000. Lists at .
  13. until
    I am offering free appraisals of your coin collections at In God We Trust LLC, 609 Main, Mindenmines, MO, next Wednesday June 7. OPEN from 10am to 2pm. No appointment necessary. Just in case you have a question or need directions, my phone number at the store is 417-842-3000.
  14. It's been awhile! Gonna open for buying and selling for Small Business Saturday from 10 to 2. We buy and sell old coins, precious metals and currency. No appointments necessary. Just drop in and say, "Hey!" Dave Sorrick, In God We Trust LLC, 609 Main, Mindenmines, MO (the location of the old Bank of Minden). 417-842-3000 day of event. Cell (620) 423-6600.
  15. We have a big coin auction slated for Tuesday evening at Mindenmines. Doors open at 5:30pm for previewing and the live auction starts at 6:30pm at Border Town Auction House, 611 Main, Mindenmines, MO. Lists are posted at . If you buy silver or silver dollars, check it out. Silver has dropped this last week... buy it on the dip! You may win a one oz. Silver survivor round in our drawing! SecondTuesdayNewFlyerOct2016RWB.pdf
  16. until
    “The Original CASH & CARRY Coin Auction!” The Second Tuesday Coin & Currency Auction hosted by In God We Trust LLC June 14, 2016 Doors Open at 5:30 Live Auction at 6:30pm Sale held at Border Town Auction House, 611 Main, Mindenmines, MO 64769 Terms: CASH and preapproved check only No Buyers’ Fees! Phone Day of Sale: (417) 842-3000 Phone prior to sale date: (620) 423-6600 Email: Lists at