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Order Limiting Public Gatherings and Access to Businesses

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8 hours ago, rcbuff said:


I read some of the kids who went on Spring break unconcerned about the CV actually contracted the virus, at least one kid (so far) who attended a Kentucky "Coronavirus party" have themselves contracted the Covid-19 virus and one of the people who appeared in another video saying: "If I get Corona, I get Corona" has issued a public apology on his social media account for: "being dumb"... apparently not having considered what the consequences of him getting infected, would mean for older folks and people with fragile immune systems, including those in his own family.

It would be funny, if it weren't so tragic ~ 


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 If those kids are as bored as I am...  

      This event may finish me off  as far as TV time goes. On the other hand, all of those little projects that needed  to be done, keep annoying me to the point that I'm eliminating them one by one so they don't distract me (from my boredom):P. Which reminds me, I better get on with my re-screening the windows this afternoon.  

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