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NY Governor Help From GM/Ford Does Us NO Good

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 So, for 5 years he doesn't act on available information, but when "Covid19 hits the fan" , expects someone else to save the day.




Gov. Cuomo says New York needs ventilators now, help from GM and Ford ‘does us no good’


General Motors and Ford won’t be able to build ventilators fast enough to help New York state, Gov. Andrew Cuomo said. 

The companies are looking at ways to use their factories to build ventilators. Ford announced plans Tuesday to partner with 3M and GE Healthcare to begin producing face masks and ventilators to help fill potential shortages, such as the one facing New York state. GM said Friday that it’s working with Ventec Life Systems to manufacture ventilators.


The state has about 3,000 to 4,000 ventilators on hand and has purchased about 7,000 more, but it needs a minimum of 30,000 additional ventilators within the next two weeks, when the outbreak is expected to peak, Cuomo said. Even if GM and Ford can repurpose their auto factories to build ventilators, Cuomo said, they won’t arrive in time: “It does us no good if they start to create a ventilator in three weeks, or four weeks, or five weeks. We’re looking at an apex of 14 days.”





Frequently Asked Questions: New York State Task Force on Life and the Law and the New York State Department of Health’s Ventilator Allocation Guidelines These FAQs answer commonly asked questions about the 2015 Ventilator Allocation Guidelines (the Guidelines). For a comprehensive overview, see the Executive Summary of the Guidelines. General Overview Q: Why are these Ventilator Allocation Guidelines necessary? A: The Task Force and the Department of Health recognize that the government has a duty to prepare for a severe influenza pandemic and other health-related emergencies. One anticipated problem during a severe pandemic is the shortage of life-sustaining equipment such as ventilators. A safe, equitable, and efficient mechanism is needed to determine whether a patient will or will not receive ventilator therapy. The Guidelines create an ethical and clinical framework for making such decisions and are crafted to provide the greatest benefit to as many patients as possible. Prudent planning can limit loss of life in the face of such a mass disaster. Q: Can the State stockpile as many ventilators as would be needed in a severe pandemic? A: Even if New York State purchases additional ventilators, the demand would quickly outpace supply in a severe pandemic. No matter how many ventilators are available, in a severe pandemic there will be shortages because so many people will be sick at the same time. In addition, even with enough ventilators, a sufficient number of trained staff may not be available to operate them, particularly because health care workers will be among the ill.

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