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Kathy Griffin In Unbearable Pain

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Kathy Griffin says she can't get tested for coronavirus despite 'painful symptoms'




Kathy Griffin says she hasn't been able to get tested for the coronavirus despite her "unbearably painful symptoms."

The 59-year-old comedian revealed on Twitter Wednesday that she's been sent to a "COVID-19 isolation ward in a major hospital ER" after visiting an urgent care facility. She shared a picture of herself laying in a hospital bed wearing a mask, although it's unclear when the photo was taken.




Fake news   vvvvvv

Doctors were not able to swab her nose for Covid19.   Considering it an attack on the homeland, the demons inside  kept pushing the swab back out.  The exhausted and partially consumed virus finally managed to escape the rotting vessel and is currently confined to bed rest.:D


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I'm not saying celebrities can't get sick with the virus, we all know they can because despite their celebrity status they're just regular people like us... Something we should remember the next time one of them insists we listen to what they say, like they know more than anyone else about any subject.

But I can't help remember the incident with Heidi Klum who posted an Instagram video of herself lying in bed, explaining that she’s sick, “feeling feverish, cough, runny nose, and has tried, without success, to be tested for coronavirus, and in less than 48 hours (it usually takes 12 or 24 hours to get the test results) she posted both she and her husband were tested and the results were negative.

It looks like what she actually had was a common cold, but I'm guessing to her celebrity status and despite earlier posting she went to two different doctors and couldn't get tested she eventually found an someone with test kits willing to ease the celebrity's mind.

Kathy Griffin has also posted she can't get a Covid19 test, but looks to have been given an isolation room without being diagnosed with the Coronavirus anyway... 

Again it appears celebrity status has it's privileges.

If her test (yes despite her jibe at president Trump, she probably will be tested if she presents the symptoms) also comes back negative that's one isolation room, not to mention the mandatory isolation gloves, masks, gowns and other paraphernalia required for someone with a real infectious disease wasted no doubt at least partially because of her celebrity status.

Well guess what...

LA Times:

Sick as a dog, Kathy Griffin hit the ER with coronavirus concerns. Here’s what happened

Kathy Griffin might have been exposed to the coronavirus. Or she might not have. After a recent trip to urgent care and the emergency room while gravely ill, the comic wasn’t able to get tested.

Griffin has an abdominal infection that is being treated with medication, though she won’t know whether she’s turned the corner for a couple of days, she told The Times in a phone interview Wednesday afternoon. She’s back home, and she’s not going out anytime soon.
What happened? On Saturday, Griffin started having what her husband, Randy Bick, described as “mild stomach issues.” But then they receded, he said. Temporarily.

“Two days later,” Bick said also by phone, “she woke up very early in the morning and had incredibly intense pain, vomiting, diarrhea, every 20 minutes. Just really sick.”

“The vomiting felt like a convulsion,” Griffin said.

And about a week prior, the couple had traveled internationally.

“We were both nervous because we were still in the incubation period after returning from Mexico, but also we had not left the house in days,” Griffin said. “We’d been hearing about a 14-day incubation period [for the coronavirus]. So for me to get what felt like food poisoning after six days, I thought, OK, is this a coincidence or what?”

They’d been self-quarantined since returning home mid-March. After a phone consult with her doctor, she took his advice and went to an urgent care.

“We both put on N-95 masks and gloves and I drove her down there,” Bick said. “We got to the front and immediately there was a security officer and some nurses’ assistants outside.” Once inside, Griffin was hooked up to an IV and got a shot for her abdominal pain, which was considerable. But she was still vomiting frequently, so they sent her along to the Cedars-Sinai emergency room.

“I remember vividly the doctor telling me ... ‘I’m going to send you to Cedars ER today because I don’t think I could get you in 13 days from now,’” Griffin said. She was freaked out.

She gets back from Mexico and has gastrointestinal - not respiratory issues, but gets an isolation room and complains that despite her not having the qualifying symptoms, can't get a Coronavirus test....

  1. So despite knowledge of a global pandemic, both the comedy hack and her husband traveled to Mexico...
  2. Despite the supplies being in short supply by medical professionals, both Kathy and her husband just happened to have a supply of N-95 masks and gloves laying around the house.
  3. So for her stomach ache and vomiting (neither a recognized symptom of Coronavirus infection) she slams president Donald Trump because she wasn't given a Coronavirus test.
  4. As it turns out it appears she had a mild case of "Montezuma's revenge"...
  5. She's home now and I presume feeling better as she's once again slamming president Trump and his administration on her Twitter account.


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