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In God We Trust Day 2016

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Celebrate the 60th anniversary of the signing of our national motto law with a free, family friendly community event in Mindenmines on Saturday, July 30. President Eisenhower signed the In God We Trust motto legislation on July 30, 1956 placing In God We Trust on all U.S. currency. Honor God and country with your attendance at these events. Visit "Discover Your Treasure!" at Border Town Auction House, 611 Main, Mindenmines from 10am to 4pm. This event features Michelle Staley, Discover Vintage America antique appraiser, who will appraise up to three antiques per person for a $25 fee. Browse the other eclectic collections presented by local and regional collectors. Get your special edition In God We Trust elongated cent for $2 day of the event, while they last. Food available. Other events pending. Contact Dave Sorrick at 620-423-6600 for more information. To make a financial gift in support of this event, mail your check to: Dave Sorrick, (In God We Trust Day), P.O. Box 162, Mindenmines, MO 64769-0162. Advance gifts of $5 or more will receive the In God We Trust elongated cent prior to the event! Thanks!!!



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