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  1. Thank you, all, for the suggestions! I’ve been to almost everyone that was mentioned here. The one in Commerce is awesome, and I spent over 3 hours in there and still did not see everything! I’m having a rustic wedding next month, and I have found a tremendous amount of great decorations and centerpieces. Thank you again for all your help! It is greatly appreciated! MRW
  2. I’m looking for either a banjo player, a violinist, or possibly harp. Anybody know of anyone. I’m only looking for them to play the bridal entrance march and wedding processional, just a few songs. Thank you in advance!
  3. Looking for good flea markets outside of Pittsburg. Anybody know of any?
  4. Well, not really! I am not exactly looking for “Amish Doughnuts” lmbo!
  5. Maybe the Amish would do it, although they may not like having their picture taken, LMBO!
  6. I know this isn’t in regards to a wedding reception venue, but is there still a horse and carriage here in Pittsburg that takes a couple from the wedding to the reception?
  7. Thank you, all, so much for the suggestions!
  8. Thank you so much for the ideas. Is Dalton’s still out in the country west of town? I was thinking there was another venue outside of town east of the hospital?
  9. I’m getting married this spring and looking for wedding reception venues. I got ahold of Frisco Event Center and the cost is $1600 which is a bit high for me. Does anybody know of other places?
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