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  1. On September 8, 2021 president Biden had this to say when he delivered his remarks on labor unions with Secretary of Labor Marty Wallsh... "We never thought about it the people who keep this country up and running before. I really mean this sincerely, it's not a political - it's a reality and I think people went 'whoa', and instead of which is a good thing banging pots and pans when people came back from rescuing other folks, I think they began to realize - you know, this is part of the deal. To use my dad's expression, and I mean this sincerely - and some of a few of you knew my dad - he said everyone is entitled to be treated with dignity and that's what the labor union is all about, dignity, provides dignity for people who deserve to be treated differently. I want to than Jocelyn and I want to thank president Shuler. madam president, I know you didn't expect to be in this role, this moment but as I told you before, I believe the future of American labor has in very good hands, I really mean it thank you. I want to welcome everyone to the White House, I really mean that. This is your house, it's not hyperbole it's a fact, this is your house I wouldn't be here without you that again is not hyperbole. In my White House, you'll always be welcome, always be welcome. Labor will always be welcome. You know you've heard me say many times, I intend to be the most pro-union president - leading the most pro-union administration in American history"... https://www.whitehouse.gov/briefing-room/speeches-remarks/2021/09/08/remarks-by-president-biden-in-honor-of-labor-unions/ In April of this year president Biden delivered a "Pro-Labor Message At Union Conference: ‘Amazon, Here We Come’", the "most pro-union president in American history" was celebrating along with the North American Building Trades Union a moment when organized labor declared victory with stores voting to go union. Well, the "most pro-union president in American history", just directed Congress to end the Rail Road -vs- Union contest to avoid a strike that would have been catastrophic to the American economy... and they did ~ NBC: Senate votes to avert rail strike, sends the legislation to Biden for his signature The Senate passed legislation Thursday to avoid an economically catastrophic rail strike one day after the House approved the measure. It now goes to President Joe Biden, who said he "will sign the bill into law." He had pleaded with Congress to act swiftly, warning of major harm to supply chains that could disrupt supplies of clean drinking water and gasoline in an already fragile economy. “Working together, we have spared this country a Christmas catastrophe in our grocery stores, in our workplaces, and in our communities,” Biden said in a statement after the Senate vote. “I know that many in Congress shared my reluctance to override the union ratification procedures. But in this case, the consequences of a shutdown were just too great for working families all across the country.” https://www.nbcnews.com/politics/congress/senate-reaches-deal-vote-avert-rail-strike Granted president Biden found himself in the unenviable position of being between "the rock and the hard place"... A self pledged "most pro-union president in American history", having to hamstring railroad unions holding out for more paid sick leave to avoid economic hardship during the holidays... but it is what it is, the self proclaimed "most pro-union president and administration in American history" busting union efforts for more paid sick days to avoid... well let's be honest, to avoid more negative public opinion with the president's handling of matters that directly effect the pocket books of the American households.
  2. Gas prices fell the last time president Biden released oil from the SPR... then a couple of months later they went back up. Don't get me wrong, I'm ticked to see gasoline prices at the pump below $3 for a change and wish I could say I have confidence in president Biden being able to keep gasoline prices below $3... but I'm not there yet, I don't have confidence gas prices will stay below $3 for long and fairly confident we won't see prices back at $2.39 which is what it was when Biden took office or as president Biden likes to mis-remember it - "$5 a gallon" If we scroll back again I remember you being all "Rah!, Rah! Biden!" when gas prices started falling from the all time historic highs of $5+ a gallon nation wide... then mysteriously silent when gas prices started shooting back up again... I suspect this will just be more of the same. Beating your chest and loudly proclaiming your guy single handedly defeated high gas prices, while hoping no one mentions Venezuela. The Biden administration seems to be walking away from previous administration's hopes of encouraging democracy in Venezuela and has instead decided to financially support the Socialist government of Nicolás Maduro who's 2018 reelection was denounced as fraudulent by Argentina, Peña Nieto's Mexico, Chile, Colombia, Brazil, Canada and the United States, as well as organizations such as the European Union, and the Organization of American States. People can try to slap an alternative explanation on it if they wish but the reality is starting with former president Barack Obama slapping sanctions on Venezuela in 2015 for human rights abuses, corruption, and antidemocratic actions and later in 2019 when former president Trump imposed additional sanctions on Venezuela's exports of gold and oil, for supporting terrorism-related activity as well as narcotics and human trafficking, corruption and worsening human rights violations.. We now hear president Biden and his administration has been easing sanctions on Venezuela... Oh the human and drug trafficking is as bad or worse than it was when Obama and Trump was in office, The Maduro socialist government is still so far as we know financing and supporting terrorist activities around the globe and continues to violate the rights of Venezuelan citizens... but Biden wants their oil. Yeah... "Rah!, Rah! Biden!"
  3. It's good to hear propane prices are down... people can use the money they save on propane to apply it to the higher cost of groceries, and a lot of other stuff. "Inflation's Impact on the Holiday Season: High Spending, Fewer Gifts This year, Americans plan to spend about the same amount on holiday shopping as in 2021 — but they expect to buy fewer gifts thanks to inflation. https://money.com/inflation-impact-2022-holidays/
  4. I saw that video too, it appears president Biden has a very high opinion of himself, while at the same time seems to have a very low opinion of the average citizen... Like when he's already (twice now) claimed people were unfamiliar with what the "supply chain" is, in front of a bunch of union teamsters, truckers and manufacturing people... Biden has been telling one whopper after another and his staff, supporters and some in the media are still riding to his rescue claiming Biden hasn't lied... he's just prone to frequent - "gaffs". Gaff... Perhaps that's what it was when president Biden declared: "I tell you what, no one’s ever done as much as president as this administration is doing. Period."... Of course the last time I heard a politician attempt to make a statement with that much emphasis on the closing, it went something like this...
  5. How to tell when your president thinks everyone else, is an idiot... Anyone who paid attention in a High School or College Economics 101 class... usually on the same day they cover the Supply and Demand topic.
  6. Your denial and misrepresentation does not alter facts... It's not fear that's being presented - it's reality. Again the only person who brings up the topic of ethnicity or skin color in this thread has been yourself... predictably you've been trying to race bait this discussion repeatedly. I mention crime, looting and drug use and you immediately begin referencing blacks, Mexicans, Muslims, whatever. You've consistently tried to make this discussion about race... and as usual failing miserably because no such path or reference exists, except for the ones you've made. As for the homeless problem, deny it if you will but it is a problem and when it comes to the homeless population encroaching on the safety and health of the general public, it goes beyond being a problem to being a crime and crimes should be addressed or they will become worse... How they're addressed is and always has been the hallmark of how a society is tested and assessed. One group may insist the homeless be allowed to be homeless, live their lives as they choose and not be imposed on while another group wants to determine why the homeless are homeless and take measures to mitigate homelessness, not merely accommodate homelessness and that's not accomplished by allowing the continued open public sale, and use of illegal drugs, allowing the mentally ill to roam the streets without medication, treatment or support, or turning a blind eye to criminal behavior by the homeless trying to use being homeless as some kind of excuse for continuing to ignore behavior that endangers the public's health or safety.
  7. It seems the southern border "crisis" that Mayorkas claimed wasn't a crisis that he later admitted was "a crisis for the entire hemisphere" saying his people are working "day in and day out to enhance the security" is in need of a little help... CBS local-Ft Wayne, IN: {U.S.} Air marshals rerouted to southern border amid migrant surge A record-breaking number of migrant encounters is prompting the Department of Homeland Security to reroute U.S. air marshals to the southern border. Customs and Border Protection logged more than 2.3 million encounters in the 2022 fiscal year that ended Sept. 30. More than 230,000 encounters were reported in October, a jump from about 165,000 the same month last year. Confirming the deployment of air marshals to the southern border, the TSA said it was “grateful for their work” in supporting CBP personnel. “The deployment of Federal Air Marshals to execute (the) DHS mission at the southwest border on a reimbursable basis is temporary,” the TSA said in a statement. “At the same time, our expert Federal Air Marshal Service workforce continues their important work in transportation security.” A NewsNation source within the Federal Air Marshal Service said reports suggesting that only 1% of flights now have an air marshal onboard “seems a little extreme.” https://www.wane.com/news/air-marshals-rerouted-to-southern-border-amid-migrant-surge/ Buffallo, NY News: Air Marshals deployed to assist at borders The Biden Administration has ordered Federal Air Marshals to mandatory deployments to the southern border to help with a surge in migrant encounters just as the holiday air travel season begins. CBP has been dealing with a significant spike in migrant encounters at the border with Mexico, according to data released this month. Air Marshals have begun to deploy on a mandatory schedule of 21 day waves, with the second such wave starting on November 16 and running through December 7 A spokesperson for the TSA said Marshals deployed to the border before, in 2019, and that the rotations are temporary. "The deployment of Federal Air Marshals to execute DHS' mission at the southwest border on a reimbursable basis is temporary. At the same time, our expert Federal Air Marshal Service workforce continues their important work in transportation security," a statement said. {*Air Marshalls will remain on domestic flights to protect the public-although in significantly diminished numbers} buffalonews.com/air-marshals-deployed-to-assist-at-borders/ Earlier this year the Biden administration ditched plans to send medical personnel from the Veteran's Administration to the southern border following an outcry from some members of Congress, who raised the concerns that care for veteran would suffer if medical personnel were removed from VA facilities and sent to the southern border... Now Secretary Mayorkas and the Biden administration is once again wanting "robbing Peter to pay Paul", by suggesting U.S. Air Marshalls, who's sworn duty it is to protect flights and passengers on air transportation from attempted hijackings and another catastrophes like the September 11th terror attack, to the southern border to assist the Department of Human Services with a historically unprecedented influx of foreign nationals. This isn't fear-mongering, it's fact - it's reality, and a further example of the Biden administration's failing immigration policy that seems to actually encourage people to attempt to enter the United States via the southern border.
  8. And this just got dropped in my email as I was posting, National Retail Federation: National Retail Security Survey 2022 NRF’s Retail Security Survey is an annual survey of retail loss prevention professionals that covers national retail security issues such as inventory shrink, employee integrity and organized retail crime. The report serves the retail and solution provider communities and our law enforcement partners, and helps informs policymakers and the media. This year’s report found that retail shrink is an almost $100 billion problem. The study examines the key drivers of shrink as well as shifts in LP technology and other priorities. The 2022 Retail Security Survey was conducted in partnership with the Loss Prevention Research Council and is sponsored by Appriss Retail. https://nrf.com/research/national-retail-security-survey-2022 Retail crime hurts small retailers Small retailers highlight need for action to address rising retail crime Retail crime is on the rise. While high-profile incidents of smash-and-grab robberies are headline news across the country, small retailers are also feeling the effects of this dangerous trend. “Retail crime impacts all stores, both big and small,” says Tiffany Williams, owner of the Luggage Shop of Lubbock in Texas. “Whether the bad guys are hitting big stores or small, it hurts store owners and consumers alike.” Small retailers are increasing security measures because of the increase in crime. “I close at 5 o’clock. I don’t want to be here in the dark. I’m scared to walk to my car,” says Tara Riceberg, owner of Tesoro with two locations in Los Angeles and Beverly Hills, Calif. She has seen an increase in crime in her neighborhood including armed robberies, carjackings, and smash-and-grab heists at high-end stores down the street from her small business. She’s concerned about her safety and wonders if she’s going to be the next victim of crime. Riceberg also keeps the door to her Los Angeles location always locked for her safety and must unlock the door every time a customer stops by. The rise in crime has led Riceberg to make the difficult decision to close her Los Angeles location when the lease expires after 12 years in business. “I’m gutted to leave my neighborhood,” she says. “This has been my home, this is my community.” Increased brazen theft and violence Violence and aggression associated with retail crime is also on the rise. According to the 2022 National Retail Security Survey, eight in 10 retailers report increased incidents of violence and aggression in the past year. “We have seen a steady increase in crime,” says Kathleen Fuery, owner of Merle Norman Cosmetics in Minneapolis. https://nrf.com/blog/retail-crime-hurts-small-retailers www.youtube.com/search_query=exec+says+retail+theft+has+hurt+company www.youtube.com/search_query=businesses+closing+crime
  9. OK, let's talk about the 16 Starbucks locations who announced they were closing because of the uptick in crime around those locations... That's a national chain and I'm counting that as one company, of course there's the report of Aldi's store closing because of an increase in crime and Amazon temporarily shuttering a location because of "a spate of shootings, carjackings and other violent crimes"... three national chains. That leaves roughly more than 18 local/regional stores which are not national chains who are closing and by their own admission because of the increase in violence, property damage and crime in the areas of those stores. It seems the suggestion any of those stores have decided to close for reasons other than the uptick in criminal activity involving those locations have been soundly refuted by the businesses themselves as well as reports from other reputable sources like the mainstream news networks. The rest of the attempted misdirection and misrepresentation attempting to bring subjects and prejudices never previously mentioned... by anyone but you, is what it is... someone's arrived at an indefensible point with absolutely nothing to substantiate the statements they're making so in an attempt to rule the conversation they start to shout - "RACIST!". So far the only person so far bringing race, social status, and ideology into this discussion has been you with an attempt to degrade and keep other people down , to demonize them , to show them as bad people... has been you - just you - but in the same breath attempt to accuse others of being focused on bigotry Sadly predictable and at this point not only unbelievable because of it's inappropriate overuse... but on the verge of being comically entertaining because by now everyone recognizes shouting racist is the fallback to those who have nothing salient, cogent or relevant to support their... "not quite accurate" talking points.
  10. Feel free to edify us with documented evidence... or is this another of your usual situations where we're all supposed to believe you just because you say so? Well known chains? With the exception of Amazon most of these businesses from the last couple of posts are at best regional but most seem to be local small business types, just a simple internet search of the businesses confirms that. There are many reasons for businesses to close down and occasionally we get business owners who blame lack of workers, the pandemic, whatever... but that is not the case for the businesses I posted. Each and every one of them mentions the increased volume of crimes, the absence of safety for customers and employees and the lack of municipal support in addressing increasing instances of crime, the lawlessness and public safety concerns that that often accompanies an increase in the homeless population as their primary reasons for closing down. Yet another epically failed deflection attempt... but don't feel too bad, Keep pushing the denial and perhaps eventually someone will not notice the lack of evidence to back up what's being said, the claims of counter point that for whatever reason never seem to make an appearance in subsequent posts, the misrepresentations, attempt to deflect to unrelated topics, hypocritical charges against others that seems to be a reoccurring standard for the WOKE-progressive mindset... along with the apparent inability to differentiate between fear-mongering and wanting to be well informed as to facts.
  11. Portland Eater: Will Salt & Straw Leave Portland? Leadership at Portland’s most famous ice cream shop is considering moving its headquarters out of town. Kim Malek, the co-founder of ice cream company Salt & Straw, says the brand “can’t stay here” if the city’s issues with crime and violence continue, citing recent incidents at the main kitchen in Southeast Portland. Last week, Malek told the Oregonian that a fire in an RV parked near Salt & Straw’s headquarters shut down power to the location, just a few days after someone pointed a gun at an employee while he was walking to work. Those events — compounded by years of frustrations with crime and trash in the headquarters’ neighborhood — instigated her decision to go public about the potential move, hoping to put pressure on city officials to address the ongoing issues with public safety, drugs, and violence on the streets of Portland. “Seeing it get worse and worse, I don’t know what option I have,” Malek told KEZI last week. https://pdx.eater.com/2022/11/28/23482832/salt-and-straw-leaving-portland-crime-violence KGW: 'I drove to City Hall in tears': Salt & Straw considers moving its headquarters out-of-state due to crime
  12. What you falsely refer to as "right wing fear mongering propaganda" is in fact statements from the business owners themselves telling the public they're closing their businesses because of rising crime... What you falsely refer to as "right wing fear mongering propaganda" is in fact statements from credible national news agencies telling the public about businesses closing because of spikes in crime, shootings, car-jackings and other types of attacks... Progressives can attempt to redefine something from what it actually is into something less, but "Just because someone calls a calf's tail a leg - doesn't make it so". Progressives can also attempt to insert false information in referencing what was previously said but the truth of what was actually said and what they falsely claim was said remains obvious, for instance - Yes there is a crisis at the southern border and illegals are crossing in record numbers, even DHS Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas recently capitulated to the honesty of that with his admission the 'entire hemisphere is suffering a migration crisis'... "The entire hemisphere is suffering a migration crisis," Mayorkas responded to Sen. Rob Portman's (R-OH) question on whether the border was in crisis. "We are seeing an unprecedented movement of people from country to country. It is not restricted to the southern border." But no one said anything about them "coming to rape our women and turn all our kidfs into addicts and lets not forget murder us all"... that's a completely false statement that had to be thrown in to support the false allegation of fear mongering. Likewise no one said anything about: "Blacks are protesting the death of an unarmed black person, they are rioting send in the national guard they will burn down the towmn and rob from all the white folks"... that's another completely false statement that had to be included to support the false allegation of fear mongering. It has been publicly acknowledged there was one case of a white person breaking out windows during the riots in Minnesota (umbrella man) who according to the latest information from the FBI, has never been able to identify, which makes the statement a white supremacist was responsible for damages during the George Floyd riots at best pure speculation and at worst a complete lie. October 2022 Umbrella Man mystery fuels conspiracy theories and blame Identified by name as a white supremacist in an early search warrant, now questions arise whether police suspected the wrong person The FBI is asking for help finding someone who provoked mystery and conspiracy theories for two years after the riots that followed the murder of George Floyd in Minneapolis. He's referred to as the "Umbrella Man," and some believe his actions helped set off the riots near the Minneapolis Police 3rd precinct building. One conspiracy, fueled by suspicious text messages shared online that the Umbrella Man was an off-duty Saint Paul police officer, gained so much traction that Saint Paul PD released surveillance video to prove that particular officer was at work that night. Then, in July 2020, a publicly-filed search warrant affidavit written by an MPD arson investigator named a suspect -- a member of the Hells Angels Motorcycle gang -- who was involved in an incident of alleged racist intimidation in Stillwater reported separately by KARE 11. The suspect's name came through an emailed tip, but that person was never charged. Now, more than two years after the fires, AutoZone has been rebuilt and the FBI is providing new photos asking for the public's help identifying the Umbrella Man. Specifically a photo of his shirt with a distinct logo on the front and his baseball cap with a green shamrock and the letters L - M - Co., which stands for Loser Machine Company, a skater apparel brand. The FBI is hoping someone who recognizes the hat or shirt can help put a name - and charges - to the Umbrella Man once and for all. https://www.kare11.com/article/news/local/umbrella-man-mystery-fuels-conspiracy-theories-blame/ https://www.fbi.gov/contact-us/field-offices/minneapolis/news/press-releases/fbi-seeks-publics-help-in-identifying-umbrella-man The alleged "white supremacist" biker dude earlier identified as a possible suspect was interviewed and removed from the suspect list because there was no evidence the person turned in from an anonymous tip was involved, let alone even in Minneapolis at the time of the crime and certainly no proof he was wearing a baseball cap with a logo from a skateboard apparel company. Facts are facts and denying them, attempting to deflect the conversation away from them or repeatedly making false statements about them won't ever change the facts. But that's never stopped WOKE progressives from trotting out their lies, misrepresentations, attempt to deflect to unrelated topics, make fictional claims and hypocritical charges against others, so they keep doing what they do... lie, misrepresent, deflect, make fictional claims and try to accuse others of what they themselves are doing.
  13. What you falsely refer to as fear mongering is in reality undeniably fact, straight from the mouths of the proprietors of closing businesses, national news networks and business experts... See that's just another aspect of WOKE progressives they take something that is irrefutable fact, supported by the words of respected sources and try to claim it is meaningless, just "fear mongering", not relevant, or false when it is demonstrably true and proven to be fact. Then they want to attempt to deflect from the relevant, current topic and just say they want to bring up past historical similarities.... which of course they never do, most likely because the references they claim to have at hand doesn't exist... another reoccurring aspect of WOKE progressives, claiming they've got some big "gotcha'" that for some reason, they never produce.
  14. KATU ABC Local-Portland: Portland business permanently closes, citing concerns with crime https://twitter.com/RebsBrannon/status/1562124258200928256/photo/1 https://justthenews.com/podcasts/john-solomon-reports/job-creators-network-president-65-small-business-owners-cite-crime https://twitter.com/CrimeWatchMpls/status/1347562771177730049/photo/1 https://www.bloomberg.com/news/articles/2022-03-11/amazon-shuts-small-seattle-office-after-spate-of-crimes-in-area
  15. Your obvious false claim was that Biden was referring to magazine capacities instead of his attempt to enact a ban on assault weapons and semiautomatic weapons which is what he clearly and specifically stated, as I pointed out. You'd make a great sidekick to the White House Press Secretary attempting to deflect from the words Biden said and attempting to claim what he meant (magazine capacity) was not what what he actually said (ban of assault and semiautomatic weapons)… yep you'd fit right in with the people who keep claiming what the president meant was something completely different than what he actually said. A bit of a false claim there isn't it? Despite you saying so it looks like I didn't side step or ignore the high capacity magazines but directly referenced it as it was another of your obvious deflections away from what Biden actually said to something that Biden never mentioned. But as more information becomes publicly available most of your arguments are moot anyway... "The 31-year-old suspect bought the 9mm handgun at a local store, according to police. He took it to the Walmart branch where he had worked since 2010 shortly before the store was due to close" theguardian.com/us-news/2022/nov/25/walmart-shooting-handgun-purchased-same-day According to local and national press reports; "the weapon used in the Virginia Walmart mass shooting was a 9mm handgun" and there is no indication the shooter possessed or used high capacity magazines which seems to further prove your deflection into the discussion of AR handguns and high capacity magazines has no relevance to the Virginia Walmart shooting and is at best misinformation on your part, speaking of things you have no knowledge of and at worst an intentional deflection from actual facts pertaining to the shooting.
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