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  1. as I figured all those who were so vocal about supporting that Orange Traitor are so ashamed that they supported a traitor that they cant bring them selves to admit it as trump faces still more charges Despite Trump being a traitor and criminal those who defended and supported him for the last 7 years would gladly vote for him again proving the ultimate in stupidity is doing the same thing over and over and thinking the results with change
  2. Still not near as bad as trump outing our foreign agents or calling putin to tell him which air field we would be bombing and when but then again
  3. and yet you both support the orange anus and his espionage his attack on the capitol and his telling Putin where and when we were sending bombers
  4. I do love how ya all art3e hung up on hunter biden butr ignore 70 plus federal charges against trump including espionage (a nice word for treason ) ya still cant admit that you have spent 6 years defending a liar and thief , a traitor and con man
  5. Damn Lets do everything we can to ignore and distract from the guy you supported and defended for the last 6plus years having 71 felony counts including espionage (nice word for treason)
  6. you should stop trying to distract from the real criminal
  7. no you are projecting again you have been the one through the years that oh look a black criminal, oh look a mexican criminal, oh my someone of color , look a muslim be afraid be very afraid . No those right wingers waving the Nazi flag and wearing Nazi arm bands arent nazis hell you dfefended the Bundies when they took over a national park and destroyed native burial grounds , You defended them when they were refusing to pay grazing fees and illegally grazing stock on public land It all in the archives right here I dont expect you to admit it you cant even admit you were suckered by an orange traitor still the Fact is the current republican part resembles the Nazi party, not the republican party pf even 25 years ago
  8. actually as the facts prove 1930s Nazis and current day right wing conservatives share the same vies the same tactics and some of them wave the same flag as we saw in the unite the right rally in NC republicans are currently utilizing the exact same tactics the Nazis did banning and burning books banning abortions and trying to limit civil rights of minorities Boycotting the products promoting inclusion You can keep trying to deny it but we can all see it , just like we saw that trump was a traitor from day 1 and now hes facing espionage charges ( a nice way of saying treason ) though you spent 5 years defending and making excuses for him
  9. If you doubt the above comment here is histor United States Holocaust Memorial Museum June 1 at 8:30 AM · Pride Month: Defying the Nazi Campaign to Control Sexuality Berlin was known as the gay capital of the world until Nazis began terrorizing LGBTQ+ people and shut down the Eldorado Club in 1933. But love persisted in spite of Nazi persecution. Repeated arrests and beatings couldn’t crush the bond between Jewish dancer Margot Holzmann Liu and her partner, Marta Halusa. The inhumane conditions at the Ravensbrück concentration camp didn’t prevent prisoners Nelly Mousset-Vos and Nadine Hwang from beginning their lifelong romance. Join us as we commemorate Pride Month with their legacies of resilience and rebellion during Nazi rule.
  10. If you studied History you would recognize that the true cancel culture is the right wing BS which is following the Nazi fascism hand book to the letter see they boycotted everything Jewish, gypsy, and homo sexual Just like Nazis in 1930s germany they continue feeding the fears of their followers because like the Nazis all the right has to run on is fear fear of blacks fear of brown people fear of women fear of gays fear of trans fear of Muslim's fear of books fear of rainbows fear of equal rights fear of borders
  11. Trump charged with 37 counts in classified documents case, indictment says Trump indictment unsealed: Former president faces 37 counts (cnbc.com) Donald Trump Mar a Lago indictments draws Kansas Republican response (cjonline.com) Not that any ones surprised traitor Marshall would attempt to defend traitor trump what else could a good cult member do
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