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  1. female republicans , who no doubt support other sharia type laws anti abortion, anti womens rights ,
  2. Ok you really cant make this stuff up , These Maga Trumpers are so unhinged What we know about Solomon Peña | CNN In the past there would be a number of posts following this one denying the guy was republican, calling him a loan wolf , and innocent until proven guilty
  3. DonF

    House Ethics

    Well the GOP has control of the house bit it seems no desire4 for ethics speaker McCarthy doesnt seem to have any problems with keeping Santo's , Despite his false statements , false education , false employment record. I suppose the real question is has anything he's said been the truth
  4. Missouri state senate is debating a dress code for female senators because apparently a bare female arm is offensive or so seductive that male senators will be distracted and fondle themselves ??? Its just one step closer to full on gop taliban sharia law Dress code for women legislators debated in Missouri House (stltoday.com)
  5. I dont think anyone ever said he was
  6. would be nice to know what kind of classified Classified documents from Biden's time as VP discovered in private office, source says | CNN Politics
  7. DonF

    I hop

    It seems Pitts will be getting a I Hop in the strip by the mall the south end of town can use a option or two would prefer a denny's but we get an I Hop
  8. But at what cost The House has a speaker. Here's what comes next | CNN Politics The reality is very little will get done repub;licans will spend their time investigating hunter bidens laptop that is little more than rudy g plant of made up crap
  9. ground hog day three McCarthy still losing
  10. So republicans cant pick a house leader Basically it boils down to 20 house members who should have been thrown out after helping plan jan 6th and helping to obstruct investigating it As long as they are fighting amongst themselves at least they arent destroying the country
  11. This forum started in may of 2016 From its start Trump supporters parroted and praised his running Even back then trump claimed elections were being fixed and his supporters were happy to agree Trump's Allegation of "Rigged Election" Hits Home With Many Americans - Politics - SEK Community! We saw these supporters run with the trump birther BS on Obama, we saw the post many many bengazi threads, The hillary email claims . We also see who actually stole classified documents, Who actually stole from charities, who really attacked our nation. And of course the countless posts supporting trump and his lies even before the trump presidency like this one Who Would You Trust On Jobs - The Person who Creates Jobs and Pays People To Work or The Person Who Takes From Those Working? - Politics - SEK Community! I fully understand why Don , RC. and the other Trump Supporters would hide hoping the comments they made over the years might be forgotten. Id definitely be ashamed if Id been foolish enough to support Trump go back and read those old posts starting at around page 41 most before that were before the forum was actually open and were made by the news bot
  12. May the new year bring you and yours the very best
  13. Oh My heres a shocker trump may have used copyrighted images for his trading cards so basically he stole the images and glued his ugly mug on them Trump is accused of using copyrighted images in his NFT collection (msn.com) Figured Id share though it likely doesnt matter I expect as soon as the web sight is due for renewal this entire forum will vanish After all those who so loudly supported trump over the years have gone dead silent in the last few weeks did they finally WOKE up, lovely play on words Or is it shame , doubtful but it does seem many are crawling back into the shadows
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