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  1. what do ya wanna bet republicans main campaign will be the same as it has been for the last 40 years Dems wanna Kill babies with abortion and Dems gonna take your guns . Both lies but republican voters love liars they keep voting for them
  2. Nice try Don you dont have a leg to stand on in your defense of the police response so you shift the goal post . Rather than try to make excuses for the police which been proven derelict in their duty, now all you want to talk about is the shooter. fine jump right in there tell us what was in the kids head tell us how he had a god given right to buy the guns and how in texas he had the legal right to carry them fully loaded basically anywhere he wanted . tell us how it would be a violation of his civil rights to require him to have training , testing, licensing, and an actual back ground check before buying a gun. Go ahead jump right into it , you will find you're in quicksand tell us oh great swaumy how exactly everyone should have seen the signs and reported him, or what exactly law enforcement could have done even if he had been reported , without violating a dozen of his civil rights . tell us how his private messages should have been monitored , how he should have had mandatory mental health screening... oops civil rights violations how social media failed to report him Go right a head dig that hole , I'll bury you in it I know from personal experience how the threatened and law enforcements hands are tied concerning the mentally ill law enforcement cant do a damn thing until they hurt someone , other than a temp mental health eval hold , the result of which will be . "ok they are nuts" but we cant hold them, and when they get out they are pissed and more likely to go on a spree armed guards are not a suggestion , arming teachers is not a suggestion, thats stupidity as we see in this example good guys with guns still let the shooter kill the kids , there were armed persons there after all two got shot the other took cover you claim those armed guard would have no obligation to protect the children if it put their own lives in danger . The AWB was a temp ban as Ive pointed out many times Reagan is the only one who has ever banned an entire group of gun permanently . Now you wanted to turn to the shooter and yet you dont bother addressing the shooter , instead you spin to what politicians are discussing. well thats easy republicans are coming up with armed guards arm the teachers more guns and the lie that good guys with guns would have prevented it (they didnt did they), just more of the same bull crap they have been saying for over twenty years and it doesnt work . We saw how concerned republicans were about dead babies with sandy hook , instead of trying to prevent more school shooting they removed and relaxed gun laws in the states they controlled , hell as you yourself pointed out 18 year olds with pistols are bought through straw purchases because 18 year olds cant legally buy pistols or ammo from a licensed dealer , and yet republicans in our state decided those 18 should be able to conceal carry on school campuses . so quite frankly when it comes to protection children in schools republicans should STFU
  3. yes 3 officers went in got fired on and then ran out give it up and now you blame the school because the door wasnt locked heres the deal schools wouldnt have to lock their doors if this was uncommon but its not its far to common in this country for nut cases to shoot up schools . you cant even keep your story straight or maybe those trying to excuse hiding out side keep changing their stories but according to Abbot one of the first officers was an armed school resource officer I think you should start looking at facts and reality rather than your endless searches only to find cherry picked piece that support your false claims as for your 8 year old link things change but still maybe you should read it , it says solo entry. there were 19 officers standing out side waiting with bullet proof vests and weapons , 19 is not solo even if only three pairs went in thats still not solo if two went in its not solo basically what we see is that the militarization of police has made their response worse instead of better , Barney Fife would have done better too bad they didnt watch adam twelve the craps coming out and again you will be on the wrong side of reality we are hearing from the people that were there , even the swat team that went in did against orders they got it right , the rest didnt
  4. now you are making excuses for trump who's inaction lead to the deaths of a million US citizens you are just on a roll defending people who;s inaction costs lives arent ya . his policies cost jobs he didnt create them , his policies lead to the inflation we have even though its not actually inflation but pure corporate greed though you try to deny that as well even though there is more oil at lower costs than there was under most of trumps presidency . what has changed is the price at the pump and the record profits , not the cost of production or of the oil its self and its not just the oil companies cashing in its even commodity traded
  5. maybe you should look at your time line he wrecked ran into the school was engaged by three officers two were wounded, the third took cover an hour to an hour and 15 minutes later the border patrol swat unit arrived and entered the school. a freakin hour while the shooter shot kids and the cops let them bleed out try all you want there is absolutely no excuse for that the inaccurate information was given by the governor and the mayor Im sure he is livid about being caught in his lies no cops arent cannon fodder but they did take a job that requires them to put themselves between the bad guys and the innocent they werent drafted they volunteered if they arent willing to do it they should quit rather than stand by while babies are killed No excuse none and that you attempt to excuse them well we knew ya would so its not a surprise instead they left these teachers and children to be killed not a single one that wait is worthy of the badge They sure as hell arent hero's , they should have got out of the way and let the parent do what they werent willing to . the other children in the school are just lucky the shooter stayed in one room the cops gave him plenty of time and opportunity to kill every kids in the school
  6. your own time line 11.44- 1245/1pm is over an hour and you are patently wrong about demanding they enter and engage that is their job its what they signed up for to put them selves in harms way to protect other and every one of them who waited failed that duty not one of them is fit to wear a badge we will never know how many of those children died because of their inaction , they are responsible for those deaths at least in part Heros dont hide behind cover while babies are murdered If you wear a badge and arent willing to lay down your life for a child take the badge off and walk away at 50 yards the kinetic energy of both weapons is similar the officers duty was to draw fire away from the students Period ,if hes shooting at the cops hes not shooting the children this is basic adulting 101
  7. as far as I can see you are the only one here saying ban Im against banning guns I am for requiring a license and not a state license but a federal , it can be a small arms license simple easy to apply for low cost, hippa waver , set of finger prints, extensive back ground check and a safety test not much more than is required for a hunting license unlike some Im not in favor of an insurance requirement
  8. Now to shoot your good guys with a gun bull crap away the brave law officers admit they waited out side for back up for over a freakin hour while children were being shot and bleeding out if thats republicans in texas idea of bravery and heroic they are wrong every single one of the SOBs that stood by while those children were killed should turn in their badges because they are not fit to be an officer . the job of an officer is to but themselves between danger and the innocent , not to hide while the innocent are murdered and hope the gunman runs out of ammo . the reality is the only reason this wasnt a total blood bath throughout the entire school is that the gunman stayed in one room , but he had a hour to go room by room had he chose to with out officers to stop him in the building chew on that for a bit and you can come back and tell us how procedures work and why grown men shouldnt have been willing to take a bullet to save babies good luck because there is NO EXCUSE None at all how many of those children might have lived if the police hadnt left them to die
  9. lame Bull crap response how many times have full autos been used in crimes over the last 90 years not semi autos not modified semi autos , but full automatics ? 3 times since 1934 and one of those was an illegally modified semi auto so your claim that banning guns wouldnt work is disproven by 90 years of fact in this country though the reality is full autos werent banned they simply require having a license to own , well those made before 1986 arent banned , Ronald reagan banned all full autos made after 1986 all makes and models , yes saint ronny is the only president to actually ban guns permanently
  10. the fact that you use "woke" just proves you are blinded and brainwashed as for my personal views of mentally ill owning fire arms well Gw was the one who signed the law one of the very few he signed that I support . why do I support it , because its true , there isnt a bi polar person alive that hasnt self medicated or refused to take their meds at some point . Anyone thats ever been around anyone with mental illness knows this far too well . they also know just how dangerous they can be to themselves and others. They can appear to be normal and sweet as can be one minute and deadly the next, thats not hyperbole its the truth all the mentally ill need to is check no on the paper work where it asks if they have or have been treated for mental illness and they do . yes 18 year olds are old enough to vote , they are old enough according to the government to be cannon fodder for wars, but according to those same law makers they arent old enough or responsible enough to drink a beer or buy tobacco, or for that matter to legally buy a pistol or ammo from a licensed dealer only through a straw purchase a loop hole in private sales with no back ground check. You know as well as I do why the NY shooters mental health didnt show up on a back ground check its HIPPA having worked as a social worker as you once claimed you would know that very well so you obviously only posed the question in hopes I wouldnt know the answer , its the reason GWs law has no teeth though I wish it did medical privacy and all but as you say we Woke folks find it strange that republicans deny women medical privacy actually I am all about facts obsessed with them actually which is why I call you on so many of your" alternative facts "
  11. and trump didnt bring back manufacturing BTW there were no online public forums forums in 1980, had to wait 12 years, even then it was news groups , AOhell, and JAVA chat rooms The problem with your trumps gained ten times more than Obama BS is that it was Obamas policies that prompted the growth during the first 21 months for trump. Trumps policies are reflected in his last 24 months with rising unemployment and loss of jobs , you really need to learn about the policy effect delays. I think you understand the delay just purposely ignore it because it proves most of your stances wrong , but Im used to it you blamed Obama for spending his first years that was approved and signed by GW and a republican congress. Facts are history shows its been republicasn policies that have caused the most damage to our nation , it started with Nixon and his deregulation which cause rampant inflation during the 70s, you remember them right when he deregulate the oil industry and we were suddenly going to run out of gas before 1990 , the first time gas rose above $4 a gallon in some areas which if we adjust to the current dollar value was equal to over $20 a gallon today. then of course we enter the 80s under Reagans recession his savings and loan bail out, rampant deficit spending, destruction of the family farms and record breaking homeless . Now if we look at what drove the savings and loan collapse we notice it was a direct result of reagans tax policies which rewarded corporate raiders like Mit Romney made a fortune buying companies take huge loans out on them then selling them off to other countries and defaulting on the loans, it was made possible by reagans policies . We can jump forward to GWs tax cuts which rewarded US companies for moving what little manufacturing remained over seas, a tax plan that instantly started hemorrhaging US job at the tune of more than a million a month. . never mind that he took a surplus which could have been used to reduce the national debt and with the wild spending of the republican congress turned it into nearly a trillion in added debt his first year. So yes I have called BS on these damaging policies all my life for the record I wrote Nixon when I was 6 telling him he was a chicken poop because even then I could recognize BS Ironically you have for the most part since our first meetings on these forums been on the wrong side of history quite consistently I find that sad because I know you are intelligent enough to know better and yet you choose to defend such ignorance, we both know what that is defined as , it starts with an S
  12. And yet our states legislature passed a law allowing 18 year olds to conceal carry (pistols they can not purchase from a licensed fire arms dealer nor can the legally buy ammo for said pistol) on campuses or anywhere else . Rather funny to see you using my argument and calling such purchases straw purchases , after having argued so hard to claim I was wrong when I pointed that out in ealier threads on such subjects . We dont need to Ban anything but thats what will at some point end up happening if there remains no compromise . we have 90 years of proof that licensing works , it doesnt require any banning of clips or guns , though I must point out that Ronald Reagan set the only perm. ban on guns himself with his fire arm owner protection act which bans the public from buying or owning any full auto made after 1986. still find it funny that this ban has been ignored by the right because st ronny called it a protection act . we could also debate GWs law disqualifying gun purchases for those on mental health drugs or treatment The problem is they are too much like posts here You have argued three pages worth against me while saying the same thing I was why because you were determined to get me you do this often like in your post I quoted where you sited the exact same things Ive sited many times over the years and you have argued against like the federal fire arms act , oh and Im shocked you didnt site the child protection act of 1970 , Ived considered siting it but it tend to be more for explosives . it amended slightly the 1969 act you did site . point being many politicians do the same thing you do and refuse to admit that the person they are debating with might have a point . they get blinded by the expected fight or their dislike of the other person I admit I do it to your long winded condescending posts tend to tick me off , the constant double talk and refusal to commit so you can later claim its not what you meant just rubs me wrong , as Im sure my calling you on it rubs you wrong Now back to the issue at hand the last time a laqre number of children were murdered the republicans rather than even suggesting compromise or anything other than the same thoughts and prayers bs they are now ,they did the opposite , I relaxed regulations , they removed license requirements for concealed carry, they encouraged open carry of pistols and long guns in public , they went so far as to promote the sale of ars and extended mags , and they pissed on the graves of the children in doing so
  13. Yeah and Greg abbot was at it along with the law enforcement telling us how brave and selfless they were after they stood out side the school for 40 freakin minutes while the shooter murdered kids. How many of those kids bled out while the officers waited for border patrol swat to get there, Now maybe Im wrong but I always thought an officers job was to protect,especially when it comes to children. But they waited out side while a gunman was shooting children in a school, I suppose we should be grateful he stayed in one room instead of moving to the next and the next while the police hoped he would run out of ammo https://apnews.com/article/uvalde-texas-school-shooting-44a7cfb990feaa6ffe482483df6e4683?fbclid=IwAR0-68r8XEwPJrRfu1VPvPjvg3Zl9kT-tHxYjJ5tAh8EFFgdUDrqbPExakk To bad Greg and the rest of the texas republicans are more concerned about regulating a woman uterus than they are about keep guns out of the hands of the deranged . after all if If buying a gun was like any woman seeking an abortion , I mean hell if they did it would have a mandatory 48 hour waiting period, would require a note from a doctor proving they know what to do, a video they would have to watch about the effects of gun violence, all the gun shops in the state would be shut down so they were forced to travel hundreds of miles , take time off work , spend the night in a different state in a strange town to get a gun. make them walk a gauntlet of people holding pictures of loved ones killed by guns while the people scream how they are a murderer and beg them not to buy a gun. but cant do that all Greg and the other republicans have are thoughts and prayers for the families of the victims at least they do today , but that will change this weekend while they are giving speeches at the NRA convention where they will promise their owners to fight against any and all gun control. with the blood of these child victim on their hand just as they did after sandy hook
  14. so you were only 28 years late and a freaking high school kid nerd spotted it in 1980 and pointed it out in government class taiwan is under constant threat from china , if we were at war with china they would roll over taiwan with in hours cutting off our supply of replacement parts . this wouldnt be the case had venture capitalists not sold off our manufacturing , and republican tax and corporate policies allowed companies to ship vital military manufacturing over seas, yes the contracts are given to "US companies" but those companies manufacture in countries that arent all friendly to the US
  15. the industry that is currently price gouging the nation, a industry that has lied about crisis after crisis to manipulate oil prices since nixon deregulated it . Ive had family that worked in the oil industry as well . and no with people paying $3 mor a gallon I wouldnt expect refiners to switch over because the prices arent high because of crude prices or lack of oil they are high because the oil industry is price gouging the price at the pump is up 30% and so are the companies profits for the first quarter , are you really so brain washed you cant do the math . the profits are up the same as the price at the pump . thats not inflation its not a oil shortage its pure simple greed the record price of crude was 180 a barrel in 2008 so that bull crap doesnt work at least not to anyone with a brain thats done even a little research
  16. as I said an up tick in election years 14 dead Active shooter at Robb Elementary School in Uvalde, Texas, district says (nbcnews.com)
  17. it took you fifty years to figure this out ?? Ive been warning and fighting against out sourcing since Reagans policies started making it more profitable to ship jobs and manufacturing out of the country in the 80s. when venture capitalists were buying and selling off our factories components to china, and GWs tax breaks that again rewarded companies for moving out of the US. those chips not only are used in cars but also used in our militaries equipment and they are being made in countries that are borderline enemies. these companies are not friends to our nation they constantly undermine the country for every penny of profit
  18. obvious you picked up on a few catch words those being sweet and sour , but it seems you didnt bother researching Sweet crude refines easier than sour it has a lower sulfur content making it perfect for making gasoline in refining it produces fewer toxic waste components compared to heavy/ sour crude , which basically destroys the claim that US refineries are hampered from using it because of regulations . No doubt this is because you are listening to idiots like Hawley. now sweet crude doesnt produce as much diesel. The real reason US companies arent refining it is because it sells for a dollar or 3 more than sour crude, so by selling it and buying cheaper sour crude they make 1-5 dollars more . that may not sound like much but it adds up to hundreds of millions . or roughly 15 million in profit daily . companies sell our oil and buy foreign oil because its cheaper , classic buy low sell high , screw the nation you live in , thats the reality you are ignoring
  19. again with the lies Biden doesnt set the rice of gas oil companies do the price of crude hasnt reached the high set under trump yet the pum price has skyrocketed the oil production has not been reduced in fact we are pumping more today than anytime under trump what we are seeing is pure simple greed , its not inflation when the price and profits rise but the cost of production doesnt , thats called price gouging and thats all we are seeing You are simply making excuses for that greed nothing more
  20. Yes its a propaganda saying "when guns are out lawed only criminals will have guns " Its bull crap as I stated 90 years of proof other wise full autos were the preferred weapon of organized crime in the 20s and 30s, the federal fire arms act which required a license to own one took them out of or the hands of criminals . and has done so for over 90 years proving the propaganda saying is a lie . I dont need to race bait I let your posts and the posts of other paint you for the racists you are. granted you are quite as bad as RC or atoz but even your posts tend to show prejudice simply by your choices of example every time a post pointing out white supremests causing harm are posted , out come the examples of black violent crimes to try to excuse the racists crimes. simple undeniable fact hate crimes exploded under trump , because he promoted race hatred against mexicans blacks basically every minority and his followers loved him for it because he made it ok to be racist again in their eyes . This kid fed on the same crap the oath keepers and proud boys have been spewing. the same BS screamed at trump rallies. As for dis information well Fox news and AON are the great spreaders of lies they also tend to be the only sources right wingers believe , and as we all know an idiot will believe a lie over the truth, proof of that is that trump was ever voted for by anyone . sadly this meme is too true
  21. As for trumpers well birds of a feather trumps campaigners Geatz, trump himself , the people trump tends to endorse, many of the people who seem to support trump all of which tend to "like em young"
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