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  1. rcbuff

    New York LOL

    Well this should be interesting, first the nursing homes then molesting women, and now cripple the fire department. I was almost out of popcorn and just then... the DoorDash guy knocked.
  2. IMO, the factual way to present the case (without bias) would be to refer to the source as an "infected person" (regardless of vax status).
  3. Rand Paul kicks ass again. I guess this takes some of the heat off of China. Will this lie to Congress garner the same beat down given Trump administration members? Doubt It! Today the NIH provided a document to the US House of Representatives that claims that the NIH did fund gain-of-function research in Wuhan. https://www.thegatewaypundit.com/2021/10/breaking-nih-today-corrects-false-statements-directors-collins-fauci-nih-fund-gain-function-research-wuhan/
  4. Airlines, Air traffic controllers, teachers, military personnel, Healthcare workers and just about every other type of employer is facing firing workers for refusing this vaccine. Biden has promised a "Dark Winter" and he will create one if it kills us. I'm reminded of Rahm Emanuel's famous words: "You never want a serious crisis to go to waste. "
  5. The China plant offers a sovereign Communist nation and cheap labor. Muslim, BLM, Antifa and climate change terrorists will be extinguished posthaste and XI will tour the plant with his puppet Brandon, in search of more of Hunter's laptops. LETS GO BRANDON!!!
  6. California's constituency seems to have reached a saturation point from which there is no immediate return. They just voted to retain Newsome for the remainder of his term. That presents itself as a clear indicator that 60% of voters are firmly satisfied with the status quo. The other 40% of voters could be looking elsewhere for adequate leadership. As the tax base diminishes California's illegal population could become a useful tool prompting efforts to allow them to vote in state elections, for the purpose of maintaining control. off topic alert Now I'm going to have a little fun using liberal terms of conflation. I read plenty of articles that use the terms migrant, immigration, foreign born and undocumented that intentionally use those terms to mislead readers to think legal immigrants are being mistreated or to think of them as equal in status. I'm going to do exactly the opposite with the information above as a demonstration of equity in deception: But the proportion of of illegal residents (28%) is nearly double that of transplants from other states(16%)
  7. Should it come as a surprise that Musk closed the deal with most liberal Texas county that also offered tax incentives? Did the Texas county even bother to take a look at the nearly $1 billion N Y deal that appears to be going south (financially )? He seems to have an advertising budget that boasts $100 million Carbon prize, favorable to supporters of green programs. Should it come as a surprise that he struck a manufacturing deal in Shanghai China with 1.6 billion in CCP loans and other assistance? Should we be surprised that Musk signed a 5 year contract with China for Lithium Hydroxide for batteries? Looks like Musk is a great orator of mooching money from county, state and federal bodies, then offering prizes using that same money to seal the deal. I have to ask myself :" How far from governmental control of private business is Tesla Corporation ?" And Just how good for Texas is Tesla? https://www.latimes.com/business/la-fi-hy-musk-subsidies-20150531-story.html https://www.reuters.com/article/us-yahua-group-electric-tesla-lithium/chinas-yahua-agrees-five-year-deal-to-supply-lithium-to-tesla-idUSKBN293132 https://www.onegreenplanet.org/environment/elon-musk-to-give-100-million-prize-to-develop-technology-to-capture-carbon-dioxide-emissions/ http://blog.bakerinstitute.org/2014/08/26/the-texas-counties-from-most-liberal-to-most-conservative/ https://www.wsj.com/articles/tesla-strikes-deal-with-shanghai-to-build-factory-in-china-1508670181
  8. We agree on that point. Biden's policy created this crisis and will use the emergency reserves to create a win among the many recent blunders, is my thoughts.
  9. Oh goodie! Creates an energy crisis, the solution is to deplete emergency oil reserves designed to avert an energy crisis . . Is that in addition to the 20 million bbl in the "infrastructure" bill? https://www.naturalgasintel.com/with-huge-infrastructure-bill-on-table-u-s-to-sell-crude-held-in-strategic-petroleum-reserve/ I Guess that's better than the 82 million bbl deal they struck back in June... unless this is in addition to that!! That would be of no surprise! https://www.reuters.com/business/us-infrastructure-deal-includes-6-billion-sale-oil-reserve-document-2021-06-24/
  10. The LJS in Coffeyville was demolished several months back. A Scooters Coffee shop was built on the site. My wife said it looked like El Charro may be back open. She said that there were several cars in the parking lot.
  11. This traitor needs to be punished and then deported to the communist country of his most serious dislike. Where is our left wing Marxist calling for punishment for this obvious traitor? Crickets...
  12. This "monitoring" bank accounts is yet another way to suffocate the industrious at lower level incomes. Those working full time regular jobs and also creating income off the books attempting to escape poverty. If one isn't pondering " what carve-outs have lawmakers given themselves?", one probably hasn't been paying attention to the way Washington works. It also serves as a way to usher in the tenets of UBI, for those content to settle for what they can mooch from entitlement programs.
  13. In the good old days of crypto and blockchain there was security and anonymity. Like most software and things created by people, venerability will be exploited and or hacked by other people and entities. Block chain is no exception. We've learned a great deal in the past 5+(excluding the patriot act advances) years how our own government spies on its citizens and political rivals. If any source has an inextinguishable supply of resources at its disposal, it's our own government spook agencies that operate with impunity. We've learned that they can perform illegal acts and leave digital evidence that implicates other nations, groups or individuals, attempting to cover their own tracks. We are currently in the largest "tax and spend" political cycle in history and a focused attack on individual prosperity. This careless spending can only be offset by exploiting existing portholes or creating new ones to suppress prosperity. We also must keep in mind that the "mighty US government" can wave the magic wand at any time and declare crypto illegal, what it cant infiltrate, monitor and control it can destroy.
  14. NEW YORK, Sept 29 (Reuters) - What’s inside America’s wallets? Uncle Sam wants to know. President Joe Biden’s $3.5 trillion budget plan includes a proposal to let the Internal Revenue Service monitor the bank balances, payments and receivables of individual citizens in an effort to curb tax evasion. It would cover every bank transaction over $600 – and when coupled with an inevitable shift from traditional money to government-issued digital currencies, constitute a glaring, perhaps unconstitutional invasion of personal privacy. https://www.reuters.com/breakingviews/guest-view-biden-tax-crusade-puts-privacy-risk-2021-09-29/ I Plan to inform the banks that I use, that I will post-haste withdraw cash and terminate Certificates of deposit, and only maintain a minimum sum as required to use the bill pay function of my accounts. That should trigger a single FinCen report for each bank. The Communists can "monitor" the "dusty data" where my accounts used to be, and kiss my ass. Earlier this year we dumped BOA because of their disclosure of private account information and failed to inform account holders of their deeds. Over a period of 30 years we've had private and business accounts with BOA.
  15. rcbuff

    AZ audit

    As it stands, Republicans must learn to cheat above this level and lie like Demoncrats. Below is just the tip of the iceberg . https://c692f527-da75-4c86-b5d1-8b3d5d4d5b43.filesusr.com/ugd/2f3470_d36cb5eaca56435d84171b4fe7ee6919.pdf
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