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  1. I wonder which hurts more, being slapped by a dead guy or having your narrative neutered.
  2. Back on topic. As usual the failing NYT, so desperate to smear the President failed the basic standards of journalism in researching their claim. (highlights are mine) https://www.breitbart.com/economy/2020/10/01/carney-new-york-times-is-wrong-trump-paid-millions-taxes-2017/
  3. The ACTBLUE donations,though modist says a lot.
  4. In regard to the Blind Pig post, I found the ad on youtube. After watching the video, I read the comment section. Perhaps the Bar and music venue has a great local music lover's following but in reading the comments the "poor me" song isn't playing well with greater exposure. I snipped these on 10/18. Notice the 3 thumbs up and 22 down. And the comments that I could capture. (In all fairness, there was 1 positive below my snip that I could not capture. )
  5. The wife and I joined up with the train in Frontenac. While waiting for others to arrive, I walked around and visited with some very nice folks. I was glad to see so many young people of voting age in the group. Once the train started rolling, the spirit of the event gained momentum. As we progressed southbound much of the northbound traffic honked, waved and flagged their approval and support. It was more fun than I expected.
  6. A couple of observations: This guy (Nick Johnson/ AKA E. Normus Johnson sought out random but narrative specific criteria,statistics and socioeconomic disadvantage per city, to support is negative narrative. He went on to use racial demographics to support his positive narrative, while ignoring that in his negative references. I strongly urge you to read the comment section below the video at youtube. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FfdTf0oKOqg That being said, I will give a big Thank You shout out to one E.Normus Johnson for retaining or referring his ilk elsewhere.
  7. Thanks for the work,time and expense ! Stop in sometime and join the fun!
  8. Was the expletive a verb or adjective ? His panties are in a wad from 4 years of COINTELPRO. A few MAGA rallies will calm him. T
  9. Twenty twenty, the year that keeps on giving!
  10. My guess.... Freudian slip! Think "Green New Deal".
  11. This series is said to be real.
  12. rcbuff

    Political Humor

    Biden Crowd Goes Wild
  13. In Portland and Seattle CNN describes such an event as peaceful protest "nothing to see here" " Mr Crane must watch CNN and MSM to be so unaware of today's political climate. It's a shame that people destroy other people's property. It's interesting that a few hundred bucks in hay verses buildings being burned with people inside prompt a post, but not unexpected.
  14. I’ve now been accused of homosexual acts, with an anonymous member, called a racist, xenophobe, homophobe, bigot and who knows what else but being called a member of a militia was the final component. You’ve given me the power to take on the devil himself I took him by his twisted horns to teach him to have some class then I swung him by his pointy tail and kicked his sorry a$$ I swept his legs to bring him to his knees Then I snotted up his dirty face with a mighty RC sneeze It was then old red eyes quietly confessed that you were i
  15. This newly released information should hit the fan like a brick. Since the CIA director and the DNI report to the POTUS, we now know that Obama and likely Biden knew that this whole witch hunt including the Mueller investigation was a sham from Hillary and her campaign.
  16. More importantly, if they do report on this, how will they present it?
  17. I'm glad to see LEO has apprehended a suspect. Although the ballistics results confirm the weapon used in the shooting of the two officers matches the weapon Deonte Murray ditched during his carjacking flight, the strange absence of a picture (mugshot) of a guy with an extensive criminal record, makes me wonder if LEO has the right guy or if there is something more nefarious in play. I used three search engines, and looked at twenty or more search results and didn't find a single picture.
  18. A story being told by hive deviants is their story, tell it the way that makes you feel good.
  19. That photo was first circulated by the deviant, Democrat trolling website "winning democrats" that now has multiple redirects depending on which link is used. The website currently has the appearance of being a GOP site but has donation links to Democrats. It's no surprise that the most deviant and twisted of minds could be excited by extracting such a fantasy from a single snapshot at a music concert at the Trump estate. It's bad enough to conjure up a deviant act regrding President Trump but to extend that fantasy to include his teen daughter as a willing participant is truly des
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