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  1. Hmmm... I know who Nick Smith is and where some of his properties are. Wonder what the deal is? A quick Google of his name has a lot of information about him, so it wouldn't be hard to find him. So weird.
  2. I don't think people know we're here. After SEK Chatter, I had a very hard time finding this group again! We need some Facebook advertisement. Some Chatter to get the word out and entice the Chatty-Cathys in town. (Although, I love my anonymity here!)
  3. No, no- no arrests. The vandals are on tape, so it is now known they are juveniles. There is now a partial description, at least. No other advancement to the case.
  4. Second-hand information received today, but my friend at Backyard Discovery has lost her job. The friend retelling this story said that the office/call center/order taking place or whatever you'd like to call it is closing and jobs are being moved out of town. (this is the business located at the airport) Last week, friend/employee was talking about all the work they had, so I don't think the business itself is doing poorly. Anyone have more firm news to report? I was under the impression that quite a few people are employed there.
  5. So, the graffiti artists have been caught on camera. They are young kids/teenager-type people. (not likely gangs, so that is good) Unfortunately, they have not yet been identified.
  6. It's happening all over town and in Frontenac. Crazy. Get some motion lights at least, I guess. -We've been leaving the porch lights on, front and back. We're poor, but don't want to lose whatever we do have!
  7. Awesome! I'm going to stop busting my back to do a good job and start acting like my superior, who does crossword puzzles on his computer all day and makes 4 times my salary. Hurray!!!
  8. Just a note for those of you who might be entering Prom Season Hell.... There is a store in Parsons, KS that has purchased a large amount of Prom dresses and is renting them for $1.00. This is from their Facebook page: ‎John N Sherrie Nichols‎ to Nichols Trading Post-Discount Groceries / Southeast Kansas Produce Auction Formal and Prom Dresses for Rent $1.00 Wedding Dresses for Sale $50.00 We had the opportunity to buy over 100 prom/formal dresses, 75 wedding dresses, mother of the bride dresses, and grandmother dresses at a public auction in Parsons. We wanted to add something to our store to help those who cannot financially afford to pay $100's for a formal or prom dress to ware once. Having 5 daughters of our own, we know how expensive dresses are. Having the hearts, we do, we want every girl who wants to attend prom to wear a beautiful dress. The formal and prom dresses are for rent at a cost of $1.00 per dress. The only thing we ask is that you dry clean the dress and return it within 2 weeks of the event. Once the dress is returned, we will refund your $1.00. The wedding dresses are for sale at a cost of $50.00 each. The mother of the bride/grandmother dresses are for sale at a cost of $20.00 each. All dresses sold will help pay for the formal & prom dress community service project. For more information, please call 620-429-0331. Nichols Trading Post 3830 Main Parsons, KS
  9. Any good Christmas light displays in the area? I haven't been out by Chicopee yet, but usually they are some decked-out houses there.
  10. It's a beautiful day, but I'm not able to get away from work. Hope you get some nice visitors today!
  11. I missed the last fun day you had so I just might have to take a road trip to Mindenmines on my lunch break that day. Thanks for posting, Dave!
  12. Has anyone been following local proceedings within Pittsburg's city government? Craziness in the police department, the dictatorship in city HALL? (Apparently, it is called city HALL due to the wackadoodle running the show....) http://www.topix.com/forum/city/ulysses-ks/TVJE9QGHOJ8KUKRR8/daron-hall/p15 I wish this page got as much action as it used to! You guys were a great resource for keeping up with the community. Does anybody watch the city hall meetings? I catch them occasionally, but have been hearing gossip about behind the curtain business dealings for quite a while. Like, a city official trying to influence others to vote for moving business to new providers (yes, let's send MORE of our money out of town!), the city trying to screw Frontenac over for a bigger cut of taxes, some interesting real estate deals made to profit a limited/specific amount of parties.... etc, etc. What is up with this place all of a sudden??
  13. Tokyo Steakhouse and Sushi opened yesterday. A girl I know will be working there, so I got a look at the menu. There are some very affordable things and TONS of choices! Quite a few basic sushi rolls for $5.00, available all day. I had no idea they were ready to open, but she said they were decently busy and things went well. Location isn't the best with such limited parking, so we'll just see how it goes!
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