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  1. I agree. After reading post after post of pretty much hateful, personal attacks, I've been concentrating on better ways to spend my time. I'd hate to see SEK Community go by the wayside but really don't enjoy reading those posts every time I check in. It would be nice to see the group pick up some folks and grow but it just doesn't seem to be happening.
  2. At work & we heard about a plane crashing into the first tower. Went to the conference room, where they had a television, & we were watching coverage of it when the second plane hit.
  3. Prayers for his family. I sometimes wonder where all the folks are that used to be here & what has happened to them.
  4. Can you honestly say that you personally are better off now? I know we've "tightened our belts" considerably with the high inflation since your president took office.
  5. I think most logical people would agree they are not better off now than they were during Trump's time in office.
  6. Lest we forget: Former FBI Director James Comey took his handwritten notes when he was fired by Trump in 2017. His home wasn’t raided. He handed the notes to FBI agents who came to interview him. The Obama administration didn’t just fail to hand over documents, tens of thousands of its documents went missing or were destroyed. No homes were raided. Former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton failed to hand over tens of thousands of emails and documents from her server, claiming they were of a personal nature. The FBI was able to retrieve some of the documents, revealing that many were work-related. Moreover, the documents were under congressional subpoena at the time when a Clinton aide deleted them.
  7. But some on here would probably disagree with this.
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