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  1. Police officers should have gone into the building and put a stop to the shooting rather than wait for an hour. I didn't know this was a "republican" thing though. How many of the officers were republicans & how many were democrats? Just wondering.....
  2. How would a gun ban have prevented the Oklahoma City bombing or the 911 attacks?
  3. They can ban guns completely but that's not going to solve the problem. Timothy McVeigh didn't use a gun to cause mass destruction & death. The terrorists who crashed planes into the World Trade Center and Pentagon didn't use guns. We could go on and on with other similar examples of these types of things but point is, even without guns, people will find a way to do evil things. It has to go back to parents who don't do their jobs in raising their families with proper respect for the law and human life. In my previous occupation, I used to see (on pretty much a daily basis) people who refused to take responsibility for their own actions and trying to place blame on someone else. This is the same thing folks are doing now to say that guns cause these problems. No folks, it's the person who is in control of that weapon that is the cause. They make the choice, not the gun.
  4. Where do these people come from and how did she ever get to be a doctor??? I think she must have missed a lot of classes when she was in med school. https://www.foxnews.com/politics/house-committee-witness-men-get-pregnant-have-abortions
  5. Happy Easter to you as well.
  6. Replacement for McDonald's workers who feel they are worth big $$.
  7. We've had several times over the years where someone burns off a field on a windy day & we've had to shut the house up because of the smoke. These burns are not even close to our house but the smoke carries for miles.
  8. I saw a little bit of this news story on TV last week. Everything would help but keeping all the gas receipts would be a paper nightmare. I'd rather see them just drop the price at the pump during that time. They'd lose the non-resident money being paid but it would be a way to help everyone out during this time. It would be less paperwork and would avoid the headache of having to deal with issuing refunds.
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