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  1. ABC News: Shoplifters prompt Walgreens to chain freezer Jul 19, 2023 A San Francisco Walgreens store is chaining up its freezers and has been doing so over the past two weeks. Workers say before then shoplifters were clearing out the pizza and ice cream every single night! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gusFPxIwNXk SF Walgreens puts chains on freezers as shoplifters target store 20 times a day, employee says
  2. I guess we know why I never went into a career as a stock analysts or broker... Months after the controversy the American public, those previously loyal to the Bud Light and Target brands are still saying a big "NOPE" to investing in either business. InBev (Bud Light) hit particularly hard over the 4th of July and Memorial day, holidays which traditionally see an increase in beer sales the Bud light parent company dismissed two previous marketing executives and has been running a slew of "patriotic" feel good commercials that so far have proved to be little more than fodder for people mocking them on social media platforms. Nearly 6-months later the false statement that "Bud Light (InBev) has rebounded" that statement remains false and the questionable claim that Ford is a "newTarget" (pardon the pun) for the Make America Great Again consumer's ire seems to be... well, questionable. Either the MAGA protest against Ford Motor Company is one of the news media's best kept secrets or the claim was not quite accurate to begin with to put it as nicely as possible.
  3. So after Biden's public declaration that the U.S. is running low on 155mm artillery ammunition the Pentagon has announced they are requesting an increase in ammunition from domestic producers... But appears it will take years for production to catch up with the depleted stockpile amounts and that's not counting expected continued exports to places like Ukraine, Japan, Taiwan and South Korea. NYTimes: Pentagon Will Increase Artillery Production Sixfold for Ukraine The Army’s top acquisition official says production of the 155-millimeter shells badly needed by Kyiv will rise to 90,000 a month in two years. According to the National Defense Industrial Association website (2022) and the Defense Department, in the six months from March to September, the United States supplied Ukraine with more than 800,000 155mm artillery rounds. From Sept. 28 to Oct. 28, it donated another 100,000 rounds. The September production capacity, meanwhile, was only 14,400 rounds per month. While the exact amount of stockpiled combat ammunition is considered classified, president Biden's public announcement that the U.S. is "getting low on" 155mm artillery shells seems to have promoted a sudden need for the Pentagon to boost the NDI (National Defense Industry) to increase production... which according to several producers will still take "years" to reach desired production levels.
  4. Dkansas15

    A.I. Czar

    I firmly believe the statement: "... just as successful as her tenure as Border Czar" will be a fairly accurate assessment. AP: (March 2021) Biden taps VP Harris to lead response to border challenges Poll: 75% Percent {of those polled} Grade VP Kamala Harris’ Management of Border Crisis as Failing https://www.thetrafalgargroup.org/news/nat-issues-kh-performance-1003/
  5. Yeah I suppose I'd have to agree... After all treason is passing sensitive information, like the status of the nation's ammunition supply on to the "enemy" and after all even though nations like Iran, Russia and China (just to name a few) have shown hostility towards the United States they aren't actually enemies.
  6. Recently in a live televised interview with CNN's Fareed Zakaria at the White House president Biden admitted to anyone watching - including hostile nation's military leaders, that the United States military is in short supply of our militaries 155mm artillery shells... CNN: Biden says sending cluster munitions to Ukraine was ‘difficult decision,’ but ‘they needed them’ "Biden told Zakaria that the cluster munitions were being sent as a “transition period” until the US is able to produce more 155mm artillery. “This is a war relating to munitions. And they’re running out of that ammunition, and we’re low on it,” Biden said. “And so, what I finally did, I took the recommendation of the Defense Department to – not permanently – but to allow for this transition period, while we get more 155 weapons, these shells, for the Ukrainians.” Not surprisingly the blowback from social media about the President of the United States informing Americans and the world audience that the U.S. is "low on" a primary ammunition source for our artillery fighting forces did not appear to be well received... Robert F. Kennedy Jr {Twitter} Last year, WH Press Secretary Jen Psaki called the use of cluster bombs a “war crime.” Now President Biden plans to send them to Ukraine. Stop the ceaseless escalation! It is time for peace. https://twitter.com/RobertKennedyJr/status/1677705930174001157 Byron York {Twitter} In CNN interview, President Biden is not particularly clear but seems to be saying US is sending cluster munitions to Ukraine because we are running out of 155mm artillery ammunition to send them. Seems obvious this is affecting US readiness to defend itself. https://twitter.com/ByronYork/status/1678037458594799616 Steve Guest {Twitter} Joe Biden broadcasting to the world that the US is low on 155mm shells. Moron. Does Biden not care that our adversaries in China are listening? https://twitter.com/SteveGuest/status/1677652270660427779 Logan Dobson {Twitter} love when the president of America goes on CNN to tell everyone we’re low on ammo. https://twitter.com/LoganDobson/status/1677477059231117312 I might even go so far as to offer that I believe the primary onus of the President of the United States is to provide for our National Security... I'm at a loss to figure out how informing the world, and particularly nations known to be hostile to the United States that our American military is "low on" what is thought to be standard and common military ammunition accomplishes that. Seems to me it does just the opposite... as it provides hostile foreign military operatives with information that actually compromises national security. There are some who seem proficient at throwing around the accusation of "treason" when it comes to people they politically oppose... All that shows me is that person either has no clue what actually constitutes treason - or they don't care that they relate false (incorrect) information. According to the National Constitution Center: : "The Constitution specifically identifies what constitutes treason against the United States and, importantly, limits the offense of treason to only two types of conduct: {Article III, Section 3,} (1) “levying war” against the United States; or (2) “adhering to [the] enemies [of the United States], giving them aid and comfort.” Some might question if an American political leader, telling hostile foreign nations our military is "low on" a specific kind of military ammunition might constitute "giving aid and comfort" to those hostile foreign nations?
  7. Found that video online and just had to watch/post it for laughs... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hZdTk4InmA4
  8. A bit of a difference in the various gun cases mentioned by FOX news... Hunter Biden allegedly (I have to say that since he hasn't been convicted) falsified a federal document when he purchased a handgun and claimed he wasn't using or addicted to drugs. The rapper Ja Rule plead guilty to attempted criminal possession of a weapon because he was stopped by police and they discovered a loaded handgun in his vehicle, the handgun had it's serial numbers removed and was sentenced to two years according to Reuters. Rapper Kodak Black was sentenced to more than three years in federal prison after pleading guilty to weapons charges. Black admitted he falsified information on federal forms to buy four firearms from a Miami-area gun shop on two separate occasions. Black faced criminal drug and sexual assault charges in other states that remain pending, he also had several previous arrests according to NBC news. As usual for just about every media news outlet FOX appears to be sticking to the standard of telling the parts of the story to support their narrative while ignoring or omitting pertinent or relevant information. I think my favorite is still MSNBC's artfully edited video of a guy at an Obama event carrying an AR-15 bringing about a discussion about guns, racism and the possible threat to Obama... then when someone posted the unedited video and it turned out the person carrying the gun was black... that was hilarious, and sadly typical of most news networks.
  9. Reuters: AT&T to shut flagship store in downtown San Francisco U.S. wireless carrier AT&T said on Friday it would close its flagship store in downtown San Francisco, deepening the real estate pain in the once-booming tech hub that has been particularly hard hit by the pandemic. AT&T said its Powell St store would close on Aug. 1 and all retail employees affected by this change would be offered jobs at one of the other locations in the city. "Consumer shopping habits continue to change, and we're changing with them. That means serving customers where they are through the right mix of retail stores, digital channels and our phone-based care team," a company spokesperson said. Earlier this week, Unibail-Rodamco-Westfield said it would transfer its Westfield San Francisco shopping mall to lenders. Nordstrom said last month it was going to give up its downtown store in the mall. Real estate investment trust Park Hotels & Resorts had also said last week it ceased making payments toward a $725 million mortgage linked to its Hilton San Francisco Union Square and Parc 55 hotels. It's nice that AT&T has offered the employees of their former "flagship" stores an opportunity to transfer to other local AT&T stores... notably there are apparently a couple just a few miles away from the former AT&T flagship location in Union Square albeit in locations that seem to have less problems with street people, public drug use and crime. The AT&T spokesperson admitted shopping habits change and the company is changing as a result. Retail consumer foot traffic is down in the Union Square area due to higher than average crime rates - https://www.civichub.us/ca/san-francisco/gov/police-department/crime-data/union-street?longitude=-122.407159&latitude=37.787514 so it makes sense with, higher crime rates there are fewer retail consumer shoppers, businesses in the area lose money so stores close down... I think it's worth noting, of the 17 or so AT&T stores in the San Francisco area (Google search) AT&T is only closing one store which just happens to be their "flagship" store in one of the higher crime areas of the city. According to Wikipedia: "Today, this one-block plaza and surrounding area is one of the largest collections of department stores, upscale boutiques, gift shops, art galleries, and beauty salons in the United States, making Union Square a major tourist destination and a well-known gathering place in downtown San Francisco." With so many top end stores and businesses leaving the area, for whatever reason, I wonder what Union Square will have to offer locals and tourists in a year or two if this trend continues.
  10. Let's do all we can to discuss topics unrelated to the thread since your position has become indefensible... How about if you want a thread to talk about Trump, you start a thread for that topic instead of trying to hijack someone else's thread and posting unrelated BS? I see by media reports the Trump campaign has received over $6 million in political donations since the news broke about his indictment... I also see from the Trump hating Washington Post that Biden's approval ratings continue to slip and now from national polls posted just hours ago, former president Trump's over all approval rating is higher than president Biden's by 6 points (Harvard CAPS-Harris Poll) despite what's going on. As a matter of fact according to another poll posted today Trump's approval rating appears to be improving slightly among registered voters. As a matter of fact Trump's approval rating has improved among Republicans, slipped only slightly among Independents and of course not that he's had any approval to speak of from the left anyway but unsurprisingly they hate him more... So they seem to be fast tracking prosecuting Trump over the classified documents while seemingly slow walking the Biden classified document investigation. I think it will be interesting for all the charges they brought against Trump to see what if any charges might be brought against Biden... That's going to be a real tell for the entire country. Twice the Democrats and Trump haters brought impeachment charges against president Trump and twice not only did we see no criminal charges from those proceedings we eventually learned much of the so called evidence against former president Trump amounted to little more than Clinton bought and paid fabricated "bar talk" with little to no truth to them... Heck the key witness was offered a million dollars if he could prove the information he provided in the Steele dossier - interestingly enough he was never able to collect his million dollars and finally admitted none of it was true, as I said "bar talk". ABC News: Trump could still be elected president despite 2nd indictment, experts say But practical reasons could make it a challenge, experts tell ABC News. Now wouldn't that be something for the history books, Trump facing two indictments but still elected as the 47th president because he was not found to be guilty, because the charges weren't exclusionary or even before criminal charges (if any) have been rendered. Not that I look for Trump to be reelected (I'm certainly not planning for voting for him BTW) but if he was to be elected, especially after this dog and pony show... as bad as the reaction by some was when Trump was elected in 2017... It will be interesting to see what the reaction will be if he is elected again.
  11. Anyone drop some money on the stocks when I suggested it? It looks like they may be climbing out of their $Billion loss hole...
  12. FOX News: 'Good Morning America' won't film live from downtown San Francisco: 'Simply too dangerous' VIDEO OF REPORTER SAYING: "IT'S TOO DANGEROUS" San Francisco saw an 11.4% rise in robberies and an 83% rise in homicides since 2022 ABC Chief national correspondent Matt Gutman reported on the news that Westfield Mall would be shutting down, one of the latest in a series of major store closings in the city. Though the shopping center cited a decline in sales and foot traffic as the reason, Gutman noted that San Francisco was at risk of becoming a "so-called zombie city" due to a rise in robberies and the ongoing fentanyl crisis. In fact, Gutman remarked that his crew had been told not to film live in that area of downtown San Francisco because of the location being "too dangerous" at 4 a.m. Yes the article is from FOX news... but the video and the words is from ABC. Why has "foot traffic decreased" in places like San Francisco? = High Crime rate Why has the "the dynamics of {areas like} downtown San Francisco changed"? = High Crime rate High Crime rate = Certainly should be considered as a contributing factor, don't you think? So, anyone care to continue denying businesses are closing stores in high crime areas?
  13. On the off track topic of "tolerance" and "inclusiveness", several Target stores across the nation have received "bomb threats" as a result of their PRIDE merchandising. Of course some are quick to point out the exclusiveness and intolerance by dissenters on the right because of the LQBTQ merchandising for children but what is too often omitted is a number of those bomb threats have been traced back to LQBTQ advocates who claim to be upset that Target stores pulled some of their PRIDE month items and seemed to backtrack on some of their more overt LGBTQ promotions. Washington Post: Target stores see more bomb threats over Pride merchandise Locations in at least five states were evacuated this weekend, and no explosives were discovered Target stores in at least five states were evacuated this weekend after receiving bomb threats. Though no explosives were discovered, the incidents tie into the backlash over the retail chain’s Pride Month merchandise. The threats Saturday in parts of Oklahoma, New York, New Hampshire, Vermont and Louisiana mirror those made in recent weeks in Ohio, Utah and Pennsylvania. In most instances, unknown individuals emailed the threats to local news outlets. The FBI and the regional Joint Terrorism Task Force have been assisting with the investigation in some jurisdictions. An email sent to Oklahoma City TV station KFOR on Saturday afternoon listed seven locations in and around the area, starting the message with “we are going play a game” and ending it with “4/19/1995” — the date of the Oklahoma City bombing. The email claimed two of the seven Target stores had bombs. News outlets in Vermont, New Hampshire and New York received the same threatening email Saturday, according to South Burlington Police Chief Shawn Burke. The message, which accused Target of betraying the LGBTQ+ community, named a store in South Burlington, Vt., and ones in Plattsburgh, N.Y., and in Keene and West Lebanon, N.H. The unknown senders said Target “betrayed the LGBTQ+ community” and “are pathetic cowards who bowed to the wishes of far right extremists who want to exterminate us.” Several bomb threats soon followed, targeting stores in Ohio, Pennsylvania and Utah, from people claiming to be angry about the removal of merchandise. Clearly the inaccurate claim that the "Left is inclusive" and the "Right is cancel culture" is a false flag as was the inaccurate claim that only the political right was "hell bent on removing civil rights", "banning books" and attempting to rewrite and erase parts of history... The documented facts are innumerable and the truth is evident - Inside Higher Education: Shouting Down Speakers Who Offend Over the course of a months, students on several college campuses shut down speakers they disagreed with. Why is it so hard to forge a consensus on what protecting free speech really means? For years protests across the country have called for the renaming or complete destruction of historical landmarks - Prior to the call to ban explicit and LQBTQ books from Kindergarten and grade schools, there were years of calls by some to ban Bibles and other books from the public simply because some claimed to feel "offended" by the wording or subject matter. Antifa Attack Christians, Children at Prayer Event in Portland Yet the lies and the false information spewed by those who care so little for the truth and actual facts persist. Intolerance - Acceptance, Discrimination - Inclusion, Violence - Peaceable Assembly is not the singular purview of one side of any political/ideological group, regardless of the false claims to the contrary.
  14. 1-2-3 Strikes and they're outta' there... ABC Local: Nordstrom to close both Downtown San Francisco stores, company confirms Nordstrom is planning to close both of its Downtown San Francisco stores, choosing not to renew its lease inside of Westfield Mall, the store confirmed Tuesday. It will also close the nearby Downtown Nordstrom Rack. The company's chief stores officer wrote in an email to staff that "the dynamics of the downtown San Francisco market have changed dramatically over the past several years, impacting customer foot traffic to our stores and our ability to operate successfully." SF Chronicle: Westfield mall blamed ‘rampant criminal activity’ for Nordstrom closing in S.F. Westfield giving up S.F. Center mall in wake of Nordstrom closure, plunging sales and foot traffic. The move comes a month after Nordstrom Inc. said it was closing its store at the site, citing a drop in customer traffic and the changing dynamics of the city. The mall is in the heart of San Francisco’s Union Square district, one of the downtown’s main shopping and tourist areas. GLOBE NEWSWIRE: TYSONS, Va-- Park Hotels & Resorts Inc. (“Park” or the “Company”) today announced that, starting in June, it ceased making payments toward the $725 million non-recourse CMBS loan which is scheduled to mature in November 2023, and is secured by two of its San Francisco hotels.
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