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  1. Got this in an email today: This is the most interesting thing I've read in a long time. The sad thing about it, you can see it coming. I have always heard about this democracy countdown. It is interesting to see it in print. God help us. How Long Do We Have? About the time our original thirteen states adopted their new constitution in 1787, Alexander Tyler, a Scottish history professor at the University of Edinburgh, had this to say about the fall of the Athenian Republic some 2,000 years earlier: 'A democracy is always temporary in nature; it simply cannot exist as a permanent form of government.' 'A democracy will continue to exist up until the time that voters discover they can vote themselves generous gifts from the public treasury.' 'From that moment on, the majority always vote for the candidates who promise the most benefits from the public treasury, with the result that every democracy will finally collapse due to loose fiscal policy, which is always followed by a dictatorship.' 'The average age of the world's greatest civilizations from the beginning of history, has been about 200 years' During those 200 years, those nations always progressed through the following sequence: 1. from bondage to spiritual faith; 2. from spiritual faith to great courage; 3. from courage to liberty; 4. from liberty to abundance; 5. from abundance to complacency; 6. from complacency to apathy; 7. from apathy to dependence; 8. from dependence back into bondage' Professor Joseph Olson of Hamlin University School of Law, St. Paul, Minnesota, points out some interesting facts concerning the 2020 Presidential election: Number of States won by: Democrats: 19, Republicans: 29 Square miles of land won by: Democrats: 580,000, Republicans: 2,427,000 Population of counties won by: Democrats: 127 million, Republicans: 143 million Murder rate per 100,000 residents in counties won by: Democrats: 13.2, Republicans: 2.1 Professor Olson adds: 'In aggregate, the map of the territory Republican won was mostly the land owned by the taxpaying citizens of this great country. Democrat territory mostly encompassed those citizens living in government-owned tenements and living off various forms of government welfare...' Olson believes the United States is now somewhere between the 'complacency and apathy' phase of Professor Tyler's definition of democracy, with some forty percent of the nation's population already having reached the 'governmental dependency' phase. If Congress grants amnesty and citizenship to twenty million invaders called illegal's and they vote, then we can say goodbye to the USA in fewer than five years. If you are in favor of this, then by all means, delete this message. If you are not, then pass this along to help everyone realize just how much is at stake, knowing that apathy is the greatest danger to our freedom. WE LIVE IN THE LAND OF THE FREE, Only BECAUSE OF THE BRAVE.
  2. I walk downtown occasionally & think they do bus people in and it probably happens in a lot of communities. No way can these people be walking from town to town with all their belongings. I sometimes wonder of cities don't offer these folks a "one way ride" somewhere to get them out of their town. Haven't really heard of a good answer for the homeless problems. Free housing isn't it either.
  3. It'll be interesting to see what happens to the 4-state area if this takes off. https://www.foxbusiness.com/lifestyle/disneyland-sized-theme-park-planned-oklahoma-route-66
  4. Probably wasn't the best information to share with the rest of the world.
  5. 2Kansan

    A.I. Czar

    WASHINGTON, D.C. — In an effort to establish government oversight of the growing role of artificial intelligence in our society, President Biden has appointed Vice President Kamala Harris as "A.I. Czar." The President expressed hope that Harris's track record of slowing the spread of intelligence will be of use. "She's been fighting against the threat of intelligence her whole life," Biden said in brief remarks when the announcement was made. "When it comes to creating an environment where intelligence is restricted and unable to advance too far, Vice President Harris is more qualified for the job than anyone else. Radecar dingleflurble (as we understood him say). "Fears among the general public and leaders of the tech industry alike regarding the increasing growth and prevalence of artificial intelligence have led to calls for more oversight, which Vice President Harris was more than willing to provide — as soon as she was informed what "oversight" means. "It is my distinct honor to provide real leadership over the growth of artificial intelligence. Intelligence that is artificial is real, and intelligence that is real may, in reality, be artificial. It is within that reality that artificiality can become real," Harris said in something that seemed like a statement. Sources within the White House indicated Biden was supremely confident that Harris's leadership in the area of intelligence would be just as successful as her tenure as Border Czar. At publishing time, Vice President Harris was reportedly already assembling a special task force to deal with the potential threat of intelligence, asking New York Congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez to serve as her advisor.
  6. I think "treason" is stretching it a bit. It's another one of those terms that some don't know the meaning of (like "racial").
  7. Well, it looks like they DID find evidence of wrong doing and he's agreed to plead guilty: If Trump is locked up, as many are demanding, maybe they could share the same cell. But....will he actually serve time for this? Probably not: https://www.foxnews.com/media/will-hunter-get-same-sentence-these-rappers-comparable-crimes
  8. They're not closing (yet) but it appears Target and Kohl's are paying a price over LGBTQ-friendly kids clothing https://nypost.com/2023/05/28/target-loses-10b-following-boycott-calls-over-lgbtq-friendly-clothing/ https://www.foxnews.com/media/kohls-shopper-uproar-latest-retailer-market-lgbtq-clothing-children-disgusting#
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