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In search of recommendations for a house painter.  The home is question is fairly small and simple, about 1,000 sq ft.  1 story/ranch with aluminum siding, located in Frontenac.

The white siding has some chalky-oxidation and rub marks from tree branches (tree has been removed), so some fresh paint will really help!

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Can house paint be applied over oxidation on aluminum siding? 

The last house painter I used was Perfection Painting 308 W 5th St, Pittsburg (620) 231-5844, they did an adequate job and their price was reasonable.


  • the price was right,
  • they pressure washed and patched exterior surface before painting
  • they taped window and door frames before painting*
  • the painting itself was well done.


  • *Although they taped the window and door frames they did not tape the windows completely leaving the screens exposed and as a result I had a painted square on the window screens that I didn't notice for a few days after the job - I didn't complain when I found it, nor did I inform the painter. Most of the screens were in fairly bad shape and needed replaced anyway.
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2 hours ago, otterchaos said:

From what I've researched, you can paint it, but it does take a bit of preparation.  -power-washing and probably a primer.

Yep, that's what I heard also... some kind of prep to remove the oxidation a coat of primer might be necessary, that's why the painter I used came to mind.

Up front they told me that he could just paint the house - but a bit of prep would help the paint last longer and look better.

I think the additional charge for prep was somewhere around $75.

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I've never paid to have a house painted, so I feel a little out of touch with what to expect on prices.  I just know what I have in my budget.  Guess if only 3 side of the house can get done with the money I have, I'll just pick my least favorite neighbor and not do that side!   lol!

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 Chalking is essentially paint "shedding", I've heard it described as "cleaning itself".  The chalking is "dead paint" no longer adhered to the current painted surface, so to paint over it isn't a good idea.  

As already discussed, power washing the surface is a necessary step.  If your fascia, window and door trim are still wood, washing them is a good idea too. It will clean any soil and loose paint away. Care must be taken when power washing wood. If the washer tip concentrates the water stream too much, it can damage the soft grain in the wood, something that would be unlikely to happen with aluminum siding. 

Prep work, like caulking gaps, holes and blemishes, masking and removal of loose surface material  are all important in getting the most out of your painting $s. 

 One Item that is sometimes overlooked but is very important to address is over-spray control. 

 It's quite likely  that your painter will spray some or all of the surfaces. Most all house paints, when sprayed, have a wet "mist" (over-spray) that travels through the air (usually it finds your neighbors new car) or your own. 

 As with all contractors, check  to see if he/she is insured. At a minimum inform your neighbors of your intentions and be sure their property is protected.

 For the best paint and primer information, contact the experts at Sherwin Williams.  even if you don't decide to use their products. 

my 2 cents. 

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