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Will We Now Let People Use Any Excuse To Loot and Riot and Call It A "Protest"?

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I don't want to make light of anyone's death, however there was a shooting in Minneapolis the shooter was being sought by the police and as they were closing in to make an arrest the shooter shot himself...

Leading to an outbreak of "protests" and looting in the city.


This wasn't a case of the police shooting an unarmed black man, or even a white on black shooting.

This was clearly a case of a black man committing suicide as police were searching for him after he allegedly shot and killed someone earlier in the day.

So what exactly were people "protesting"?


Enough is enough ~

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  Imo, we have the sum  of 3 radical elements. Those would include the radical elements of black lives matter subjugated by the educated  remnants of Occupy Wall Street  joined by Antifa castaways.  This IMO, is a very dangerous accumulation of bottom feeders. Their cumulative contribution to society  being a net zero,  bolsters their absence of conscience and  inhibits  concepts of normal social behavior. Effectively, they have no concept of  building, adding value or endeavoring to persevere, consequently, life, liberty and building individual wealth are meaningless concepts.  Dr, Phill signing out!:P

 More dangerous  than them is a complicit media and inept policy in policing. 


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On 8/27/2020 at 6:30 PM, Kansan said:

I heard looters had made the comment once (not in this incident) that, what they were doing is OK because these people had insurance to cover it.

Washington Times:

Black Lives Matter Chicago organizer says looting is 'reparations': 'Businesses have insurance'

A Black Lives Matter Chicago organizer said Monday that the mobs who vandalized and looted downtown businesses the night before did nothing wrong, calling it “reparations” for Black suffering.

“That is reparations,” Ariel Atkins, an organizer, told NBC Chicago. “Anything they wanted to take, they can take it because these businesses have insurance.”


By that line of reasoning, business owners should be able to break into the private homes of rioters and looters in to steal and destroy their stuff in "reparation" for the damages they've done to their businesses... then let's see how they like it and consider it justified.

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  My Irish response to reparations is:



 My taxpayer response is:

 Reparations for slavery  were sent to African ancestors of slaves in the form of foreign aid and charity . Those people suffered losses of head of household,  fathers, mothers sons and daughters. Those loved ones left in  the wake of slave trading, struggled daily  to survive and provide for their families.Those same ancestors became beneficiaries of modern technology created by the hands of decedents of modern America and I suspect some of them were decedents of  white slave owners. Medicine, technology, clean water sources, and medical specialists compelled by urgent need and generous disposition frequently offer their services for free, working as non profit philanthropists in their individual field of expertise . It's all a matter of record, from drilling water wells see Ken Wood or Kurt Dahlin ( both white men) preventing the need to migrate to find safe water sources to the founding of international charities like "Mercy Ships" founded by a white man by the way. These people saved lives maybe thousands or more, and make life a little more bearable for those ancestors. Almost forgot another great charity,  Operation Smile.org 

 I'll skip "the bread basket of the world" contributions.

 Tell me how BLM compares!


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