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Student suspended from virtual school over toy gun

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So, this 12-year old boy with learning disabilities had a toy gun that was seen by his teacher in a virtual classroom situation.  Police were sent to his home to check on his welfare and he was suspended for 5 days.  The gun was in his home, was not taken to school.  I personally don't think he did a thing wrong & they went overboard on how it was handled and his punishment.  Any other thoughts on if he should or shouldn't have been punished for it?  


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I read this story from a local (NBC) TV report ...

KOAA News:

Student suspended for waving toy gun during virtual class


I fully understand the zero tolerance attitude for students bringing guns (even toy guns) onto the school property, and in a way I can even understand the teacher asking the police to conduct a welfare check to verify the gun she saw was indeed a "toy" and the child was in no danger...

But beyond that, the suspension for the kid having a toy gun in his own home - especially during "virtual classes", seems to me to be over reacting.

I wonder if BLM will be decrying the child (who happens to be African American) being put in potential danger because the teacher called the cops to check on a 'black kid who might have a gun'...

Two words - Tamir Rice


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 I guess I'm not as understanding, regarding a twelve year old boy's personal space, situated in his place of residence, verses a state mandated intruder (otherwise known as a computer monitor).    

    (snip) From the redacted Sheriffs Summary report:




  I agree with the mother up to the point that she draws a comparison of this situation to the Tamir Rice case and goes on to whip out the race card.




 Danielle was at work at the time but said she was worried sick about the encounter. Isaiah is African-American, and the same age as Tamir Rice, who was fatally shot by police officers in Cleveland while holding a toy gun. She couldn't get the similarities to her own child out of her mind.

"Especially with the current events, with Tamir Rice, a 12-year-old boy getting killed over a toy gun, you know these things are very scary and they're very real," she said.




  Regarding the toy gun that Tamir Rice had in his possession, someone had removed the orange tip that designated it as a toy, Tamir Rice was brandishing his toy gun and drawing down on passersby in the park, compared to this kid that pointed his orange tipped toy gun toward a computer screen. Far different scenarios. 

One of these guns is the one that Tamir Rice was holding.




      In perfect hindsight, I'm compelled to say,: "Congratulations everyone involved, for over reacting and feeding into the anti police narrative " and for traumatizing a boy at a critical age in  his development. 

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I have a little different take on it...

A teacher/administrator out of concern for one of their students asked local law enforcement for a 'welfare check' when they were made aware of a possible child with a firearm situation.

Even though it could easily have been presumed the item depicted in the video was a toy, it never hurts to check it out when a child's or the public's welfare is concerned.

The police upon the welfare check encounter seemed to approach the situation in a calm non confrontational manner that verified the harmless nature of the toy, the child was not injured and the public's' interests were protected.

All of that I have absolutely no problem with... however I personally believe attempting to inject a racial factor into any of this seems unnecessarily contentious, this should be 100% about the welfare of the public and the child and 0% about race.

*my previous BLM comment although currently relevant, was probably unnecessarily fractious.

That being said, I personally believe for the school to suspend the child for having, and playing with a toy gun - inside his own home is the only overreaction in this matter.

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