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St. Louis BLM Protesters Cited

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Remember the St. Louis couple that came out of their home, armed with guns, and confronted the BLM protestors a few months back?  Well they've now charged 9 of the protesters with trespassing.  Need to see more of this and the courts need to uphold the charges, if they are valid.



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    Never apply your make-up  during your riot.:P Or  ..   Never pass out during a drinking game.





    My Favorite is the "court Jester" in the upper right

   but Debbie Downer, second from the upper left is a close second






    The lower right square is a graphic representation of the estimated lifetime 

   contribution to society.... for the lot




       Wishing he had tried out for that 80s sitcom role.




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I'll start by saying I fully support Black Lives Matter in the point that I oppose the bigotry toward and persecution of anyone, based on their political, ethnic, social, racial and religious beliefs... of course that being said black lives matter to an equal degree as mine and everyone else's lives, regardless of skin color, beliefs or occupation, even if some may claim they find the premise of 'all lives matter' to be offensive and detracting from the plight of people and groups being persecuted.

The truth it is impossible to enact injustice and persecute another under the guise of claiming to oppose injustice and persecution.

I'd like to follow by saying I personally believe the majority of people engaged in the rioting, looting arson an the criminal activity, although claiming association and intelligence with the social justice BLM movement, are not true representatives of the majority intent or purpose of the people in that movement.

I've always held the premise that there is good, bad and crazy elements in just about every group although more recently I seem to have to remind myself of that premise a lot more often than I used to.

The thought that all members of a group are corrupt or bad because some members of that group have proven to be corrupt or bad is a narrow minded fallacy. Many have rightfully stated we cannot consider all Muslims are terrorist because some Muslims are terrorist, however some of this mindset have also called for the defunding and disbanding of all law enforcement because some of the law enforcement community have shown  racist, and heavy handed tendencies... What kind of sense does that even make?

Do we attempt to condemn an entire community when one member (or even a few members) of that community show themselves to be thieves, rapist, pedophiles or arsonists when the majority of the community are law abiding citizens? I think we all know the answer to that question, no we do not as has always been our practice, for the most part we judge the individual for their actions and not any group they claim allegiance to or association with. So what sense does it make to attempt to ascribe blame to entire group of people, whether it be religious, political, social, racial, or what-have-you?

Even I find myself falling into the fallacy of: 'nuke em all and let God sort them out' on occasion, but in doing so I firmly believe I become part of the problem that keeps our country and humanity divided, instead of part of the solution that can bring us all closer together... and I sincerely wish to be part of the solution.


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Groups and or organizations like BLM that overtly and specifically exclude the lives of all other races or ethnicities, have effectively laid claim to a superior position among races. Making the statement “my life matters” or “all lives matter” is considered a direct affront, reinforcing the notion of superior racial position. In that regard, they run parallel with “white supremacists” The fact that BLM emerged from what many believe to be a false premise doesn’t fortify the  proclaimed purpose, legitimacy or acceptance of BLM, in fact is does the opposite.

 I believe that to function as a legitimate cause, BLM has several responsibilities.     Among those:

 Assign a liaison to communicate with LEO agencies, ascertain the facts in any case before reacting.

 Take the time to vet individual cases/causes. 

 Commit to never reacting in a knee-jerk manor.   Sensationalizing for the purpose of commanding attention is easily recognized by astute critics. 

 Establish a hierarchy of officials within the organization that specifically excludes radical elements or those with emotional rage.

  Develop a vetting criteria and process to qualify members not in official positions.

 Don’t allow members of radical groups or elements to infiltrate the movement or allow them to participate in or disrupt peaceful protests.

 Draw up a respectable behavioral model for members to follow during protests.   

  Make public all records of donations and expenditures, for  the purpose of declaring independence from political affiliation.

   I believe that these stipulations with oversight will position BLM above reproach.


More important than all of that, is engaging in honest dialogue about what brought us to this point.  Until that day comes, even the best of minds can only put a band aid on a festering wound.

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There needs to be more of this kind of stuff happening to put an end to the "peaceful protests."  https://www.foxnews.com/us/lancaster-protesters-bail-alleged-riots

I also think things will quiet down when winter gets here and it's too cold for protesters to be outside.  Changes in the weather seemed to be about the time things settled down in Ferguson, MO a few years ago. 

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