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No Covid Vaccination = No Service


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At a McDonald's restaurant in Israel, you are now being denied service if you are not vaccinated for Covid.  It's evidently in response to government regulations.  They are the first restaurant to take this action.


On a side note, the article says Israel has decided to push ahead with a fourth booster shot, which they say has shown to increase antibodies "five-fold" just one week out from administration (haven't they pretty much said this about all the others??).

We're already hearing stories about customers being denied admittance to restaurants in some areas of the USA if you're not vaccinated. 

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I have and still think it should be up to individual businesses, and business owners to set policy for their stores...

MickyD's usually isn't the only burger in town and if someone is set to follow their personal preferences or maybe principles and not get vaccinated or wear a mask then they will either do without their big mac - or they will alter their principles... This could become the 'new normal' post COVID and the way it should be IMO.

I'm not opposed to individual businesses setting vaccination and mask requirements for their employees or their customers...

However I am 100% opposed to blanket forced government mandates for every citizen (** especially when it appears illegal aliens and migrants awaiting immigration court dates are exempt from enforced government mandated vaccinations if they don't want them).

Customers always have and will continue to support or oppose a business with their purchases. But I have to laugh at those who attempt to make a big public issue of expressing their displeasure at companies exercising their rights so set policy for their employees and or customers apparently believing businesses should cave to the whims of vocal disgruntled individuals and groups. 

Yup we've seen stories of stores and restaurants disallowing people access because they refuse to wear a mask or get vaccinated and someone punching out the old Walmart greeter, cussing out the hostess/waitstaff/manager, or shooting the security guard because they don't want to comply with the company's policy... sad.

But that too may turn out to be the 'new normal' for a time.

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This particular restaurant was not in the United States.  I agree businesses should be able to set their own guidelines and if a person chooses not to support them, that's their right as well.  I suppose our administration could encourage these bans to force vaccinations since nothing else has worked.   If enough support could be gathered, it could make it very difficult to travel if you've not had the shots.  It would be yet another blow to our economy.

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Saw this news article that vaccinations are up sharply (from 1,500 per day to 6,000) in Quebec as vaccine passports will be required for entry to liquor an cannibis stores starting next week.



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