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FBI Raids Trump's Mar-a-Lago Residence Reportedly Looking for "Documents"


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2 hours ago, DonF said:

and when they cant defend it they attack the source 

 Not quite accurate... I'm not attacking the source I'm commenting the obvious lack of journalistic propriety.  Ignoring the journalistic standard of "who", "what", "where", "when", and "why" as it related to the stated heading or subject going off on a tangent that has little or nothing to do with the stated topic, until the last few paragraphs.

As far as journalism goes that's a major faux pas... If you don't believe me feel free to look it up.

But even if you don't here's a humorous little article on the 5 W's from the New Yorker, just for entertainment purposes...

New Yorker: Additions to the Five Journalistic “W”s

NY Times: Justice Dept. Moves to Unseal Warrant in Trump Search

All week, former President Donald J. Trump’s allies pressed Attorney General Merrick B. Garland to explain the basis for the search warrant federal agents had executed at Mr. Trump’s Mar-a-Lago residence — and he refused to break the silence he wears like his unwrinkled, federal blue suit.

On Thursday, Mr. Garland finally responded, summoning the news media to a seventh-floor briefing room at the headquarters of the Justice Department to offer a public rationale. The new information he provided was extremely limited, and largely dependent on whether Mr. Trump’s lawyers choose to block the release of the warrant and other documents sealed by a federal judge.


2 hours ago, DonF said:

ahh yes trump demanded the release of the warrant after Garland had already put the motion forward  not that trump would lie of course  but oh wait, all he does is lie

So according to the Times, "all week" Trump challenged the Attorney General to explain the basis for the search warrants the FBI used to conduct the search of Trump's residence in his absence... and on Thursday of that week Garland agreed to release the search warrant...

Seems to me the facts tend to point to the inaccuracy of any statement suggesting Trump only demanded the release of the warrant "after" Garland petitioned to have it released...

2 hours ago, DonF said:

No one is above the law  and unlike yourself I wouldnt defend him 

And let's chalk up another false statement to your scorecard...


  Back in February when you first posted about classified documents being in Trump's possession I commented "no one is exempt from the law... the guilty should be held accountable"

On 2/11/2022 at 2:27 AM, Don said:

But I said it when we were discussing Clinton and still believe it now that we're talking about Trump, no one is exempt from the law. If a crime has been committed I think the guilty party should be held accountable...

Can you possibly explain when I've already stated no "one is exempt from the law" and "the guilty party should be held accountable" in February, and after sticking to that for 7-months now, that constitutes "defending" someone?

This ought to be good... 771820226_sarcasmAlert.jpg.82b3c676ed33189b7c70f65b93728b20.jpg

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We have seen Fox make false claims  and we have seen trump make false claims 

such as these by fox 

Fox complained the feds should have subpoenaed Trump’s documents before seeking a search warrant. They did. | Media Matters for America

Fact is a subpoena was issued last spring 

trump had his lawyer sign a statement claiming all documents had been returned  which as we know was false as well

Trump Attorney Signed June Memo Falsely Declaring Classified Docs Were Returned: Report (yahoo.com)

Now trump is wanting a special master to review the documents , many of which are highly classified , meaning this "master" would need top security clearance let me guess he wants Flinn, a convicted felon to review them but its ok because trump pardoned him . or does he want the same lawyer that perjured them selves by signing the claim that the documents were returned 

Trump asks for a 'special master' to review Mar-a-Lago evidence : NPR

I notice days worth of crickets from Don 

guess he took a break from the hole hes been digging himself into defending trump 

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48 classified folders found empty , 
wonder who  Trump sold the files to , 
We should also ask where the rest of the files are, Its not like the officials dont know what files were taken . Only Trump would be stupid enough to think that there isnt a list of all classified documents . as if the government doesnt keep track.
     FBI Recovered 48 Empty Folders Marked 'CLASSIFIED' at Mar-a-Lago (businessinsider.com)

Over 300 classified documents have been recovered so far from Mar a lago , frankly I would expect to see warrants issued for other trump properties 
given that  trumps lawyers lied about having turned all documents over before the raid , theres really no reason they arent in jail where Trump should be as well . Theres No question Laws were broken intentionally

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Can you imagine how the GOP would of reacted to a clinton appointed judge ruling on anything involving Hillary , they would have demanded they recuse themselves if not  tried to have the judge disbarred .
well quite frankly that should also be the case with the Trump appointed judge who has already shown she will over step the law to protect Trump.
not by appointing a special master though that comes close in this case , but in her instructions as to what the special master would do. 

Judge’s order for Trump special master is deeply flawed, legal experts say (nbcnews.com)

Most already understand that the special master request was nothing more than a delay tactic , which trump is well known for. He attempts to delay all cases as long as possible .
 the DOJ how ever has pointed out a flaw in his special master ploy , namely the classified documents  do not and never did belong to trump , He stole them, and when subpoenaed to return them he again lied and only returned some, going so far as to have his then lawyer sign a false document saying they had returned them all.  which is what lead to the raid to retrieve the stolen property. Considering that there were a number of empty folders the documents contained in those empty folders  are likely still either being hidden by Trump or he may well have already sold or traded them for favors .
it would seem warrants should be issued for trumps other properties to recover them or at leasdt recover evidence as to where they went . 
part of the delay tactic is to break up the news cycle  in hopes people will forget the treason. 

Trump FBI raid: DOJ appeals special master decision (cnbc.com)

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