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Trump & Biden Rallies


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well lets look at that logically 
under trump a virus killing citizens un checked , national debt rising even faster than under gw, nuclear treaties destroyed by trump, trade destroyed by trump, 20 billion a year in lost sales for farmers, trump saudi deal which sent gas prices to new highs , rise in hate crimes . racism becoming main stream once again , wages went stagnant.
Biden  fastest growth in decades , Most new jobs added in history , wages increasing , gas prices dropping for two months solid , deficit spend reduced 

supporting trump is as illogical as one can be  its delusional not logical

fortunately you are in the minority  which is why he lost 

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high inflation , dont you mean record corporate profits , it wasdnt inflation that drove gas prices , it was trumps deal with the saudis and russia to inflate the price of crude for two years , and the oil industries greed that doubled the pump price and profit margin.
those record breaking profits are across the board , and are what is causing inflation which in reality should be called the rich hoarding money. 
Now since the right loves to show the stock market as the strength of the economy the record gains under Biden  also blows your claims out of the water , as does the record job growth and wage increases 
are we better off now than 2 years ago ? Hell yes we are 2 years ago we had refrigerator trailers parked in citys as temp morgues and were watching thousands of Americans die every week from a virus the orange anus first tried to hide then claimed was a democrat hoax.  never mind that you couldnt even wipe your ass because the toilet paper was being hoarded by rich pricks. 
Bottom line is if you think you were better off two years ago your memory is shorter than your penis because you sure as hell were not 

We are still suffering from the after math of two years ago 
trumps failed trade war  that still has supply lines screwed up , you still cant get parts and computer chips , our farmers lost over 20 billion in grain sales that will never come back because of his trade war. 

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