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Ohio GOP house candidates questionable military claims


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So lets see this guy claims hes a combat vet who served in Afghanistan, but thats not what service records show diferent.
when confronted he then claimed his deployment was classified ( wow wonder where he came up with that Idea, let me guess it was classified because he thought he classified it , seems theres been a rash of telepathic  Classifying and declassifying  from republicans. )

Ohio GOP House Candidate Has Misrepresented Military Service (usnews.com)


Military documents obtained by The Associated Press through a public records request tell a different story.

They indicate Majewski never deployed to Afghanistan but instead completed a six-month stint helping to load planes at an air base in Qatar, a longtime U.S. ally that is a safe distance from the fighting.

Majewski's account of his time in the military is just one aspect of his biography that is suspect. His post-military career has been defined by exaggerations, conspiracy theories, talk of violent action against the U.S. government and occasional financial duress.

Like many of those picked by trump and endorsed by him the guy is falling fast in the polls 

Maybe he was on one of those super secret brown Ops , operation Bone spurs with the Gravy seals the space forces commandos sent to find the Jewish space laser control base , or use telepathy to read the minds of goats to find hiding taliban(oops that was the movie men who stair at goats , only alittel more believable than most of what comes from the GOP these days .

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This guys a true trumper he cant tell the truth either 

lets see hes claimed to be a combat vet proven false , claimed to have served in Afghanistan also appears to be false , could not re-enlist , claimed his deployment was classified ... then claims he was punished for getting in a fight when the reality is he was driving drunk , after 4 years he only made E2 and barely managed that .Only the GOP would run a guy on stolen Valor.

QAnon-promoting candidate said Air Force punished him for getting in a fight — he actually drove drunk at base - Raw Story - Celebrating 18 Years of Independent Journalism

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Interesting that you suddenly seem to be so concerned about 'stolen valor' people claiming participation in military engagements that they never really participated in - yet you fully endorsed Hillary Clinton during her 2016 run for President, when she repeatedly recounted a trip she took to Bosnia in March 1996 and claimed, upon landing, she her and  entourage came “under sniper fire” and had to run for safety with “our heads down.”

Well…Let’s roll the tape, shall we?

Of course when confronted with her lie Hillary simply claims she "misspoke" and everyone seemed to be OK with that...

This isn't simply a case of "A Democrat Did It Too", I am soundly opposed to attempts at stolen valor regardless of the source and despite your repeated false accusations I am not a dyed in the wool Trump supporter - nor do I agree with or support everyone he endorses, but I digress.

As usual this seems to be just another case of the TDS afflicted attempting to condemn someone they disagree with and oppose while ignoring or refusing to acknowledge the same or similar transgressions committed by anyone they endorse or agree with.


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strange I dont recall Hillary ever claiming to have been in the military  by all means show me where she claimed that, show me where she claimed she was ever a combat Vet. Maybe its that you dont understand what stolen Valor is 
I would like to see you produce a single post where I defended Hillaries false claim of the sniper fire , good luck with that since it didnt happen  anywhere other than your imagination


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Oh so we're going to try to impose a double standard on liars who have been in the military vs liars who haven't been in the military now huh?

Yeah, Hillary was never in the military, she just aspired to become the Commander-N-Chief over all American military forces... but hey why pick nits?

The fact is there have been Republican and Democrat candidates who have exaggerated or outright lied about their alleged involvement in the military and combat areas.

All I'm saying is for some reason you only seem to have a problem with it when the perpetrator is a Republican - never when they're a Democrat.

Like how you repeatedly ridiculed former president Trump as a "draft dodger" for receiving medical deferments despite being active in school athletics calling him "Captain bone spurs" when his deferments kept him out of the military draft. 

But when it was revealed president Biden also received medical deferments for childhood asthma even though he was active in high school and college sports you suddenly turn mute...

Yeah, it is what it is.

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stolen valor refers to those pretending to be something they werent in the military or claim to have been  military when they werent 
as a vet yourself I would expect you to understand that 
show me a democrat using stolen valor and you will see the same  from me , 
and no I dont mean swift boating Hillary for her sniper claim , yeah she lied but she did claim she was fighting or on some secret Ops , this guy did .
and yes I hold those who were in the military to a higher standard just as I hold those in the police  to a higher standard they both took oaths 
captain bone spurs bought his deferment  then claimed that freakin band camp was as hard as active duty , he also pissed on Gold Star parents  and called those who did serve suckers . Some called Clinton a draft dodger because he was given a deferment because he was a rhodes scholar
     What you see from even most politicians that have been in combat is they avoid speaking of it and they never claim to be heroic 
you never heard Ike , JFK or even GHbush  claim they did anything other than they said their duty, they didnt embellish or brag about their exploits 
John McCain didnt either  though captain bone spurs  continually  attacked his service 
         But hey you want to defend this trumper thats been caught in his lies just like trump  then go for it , you've been defending the orange anus liar and thief  since he announce he was running for office years ago , why would you wanna change now. 

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12 hours ago, DonF said:

stolen valor refers to those pretending to be something they werent in the military or claim to have been  military when they werent 
as a vet yourself I would expect you to understand that 

Valid point except the phrase "stolen valor" was a thing, a known phrase, long before the military Stolen Valor Act was signed into law in 2013... and I was using the former rather than the latter. 
A person attempting to claim accolades for a courageous or heroic act for something they didn't actually participate in, such as Hillary Clinton falsely claiming her life was in jeopardy because after her landing in Bosnia in 1966 she had to "run with her head down to get into a vehicle to avoid sniper fire"... 

But here is the most salient point as far as I'm concerned...

12 hours ago, DonF said:

yeah she lied...

And in all the previous discussions about Clinton's false claims, in every other instance of a candidate you supported or endorsed caught lying to the public have you ever posted a single word of condemnation about their false statements?

No, but you've posted often about conservative or Republican candidates you've accused of making false statements or lying, but again I digress.

Is it possible Hillary Clinton didn't lie about her arrival in Bosnia... not a chance since there is irrefutable video evidence to prove she was lying.
Is it possible Majewski has a valid claim to being a Afghan combat veteran because he was deployed in Qatar during the Afghan War? 
Here's an excerpt from the original article you posted...

"During the Persian Gulf War, then-President George H.W. Bush designated, for the first time, countries used as combat support areas as combat zones despite the low-risk of American service members ever facing hostilities. That helped veterans receive a favorable tax status. Qatar, which is now home to the largest U.S. air base in the Middle East, was among the countries that received the designation under Bush's executive order — a status that remains in effect today."

It seems by the broadest strokes of interpretation, an exaggeration if you will Majewski could be considered a veteran of the War in Afghanistan, given his presence in an area designated by the president as a combat support zone, he could be considered a combat veteran... not that I or I suspect many other veterans would but it is what it is.

Did Majewski or anyone promoting him "lie" about his being an Afghan War veteran - about his designation as a combat veteran? It doesn't appear so according to the fact that former president Bush designated the region Majewski served in as a Afghan War combat zone... so to say he is a Afghan War combat veteran may be a bit of an exaggeration as far as you or I am concerned, but the reality of it is officially and according to the information we currently have his claims appear to be valid.

There's an old adage: "A person is only responsible for what they say - not what other people think they meant" and that seems to apply here.


In closing I will comment that personally and politically I do not find J.R. Majewski a candidate I would be willing to support despite former president Trump's endorsement, Trump's just another celebrity who's views and opinions are just as valid {or invalid} as any other celebrity activist... but then since I'm not a resident of Ohio, it's rather a moot point anyway.

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Hey pot this is kettle 
you have not condemned any of GWs lies or Trumps lies  and yes you have defended them.
I did not defend hillarys lie , didnt deny it either  
did I defend her in other instances yes I did  I stated the fact that her having a private server did not violate the law at the time , because it didnt  the law was changed later  and in this country laws are not retro active . 
I defended her in the bengazi witch hunt  which she was cleared of  despite the republicans attempt to manufacture a case for years 
I defended her concerning white water  which was another republican failed attempt to create wrong doing on her part
and yeah I laughed at the claims about her Emails  that were another false republican accusation .

you spent 8 years defending GW 
I do wish the old archives were still around because you can bet your ass Id go and repost the prediction I made when he was put into office . Because the high points were all there . the rampant spending , the starting a war , the trashing of the economy, and all were correct .
you can go look at my prediction for trump it should still be on this forum in the archives You;ll see I was again correct about the rampant spend and raising of the national debt, the further trashing of the economy  and the loss of respect around the world 
Can you remember back that far when there were still republicans running on so called family values  when the dumbest politician was Dan quail  before Sara Palin said hold my beer  and the entire GOP rushed to find the most ignorant inbred and uneducated morons to put in office 
back when being associated with a child trafficking ring was a prerequisite for  working in a campaign, when being a convicted felon wouldnt get you a cabinet seat

Damn straight I trash republicans you put a rapist and crook in the white house , a rapist on the supreme court, child molestors in the house and senate . three justices that perjured their selves during the confirmation hearings 

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