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NYC Homeless Solution - Involuntary Hospitalization


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As I remember it one of the things Democrats and liberals used to rail against was involuntary incrassation for the mentally ill often claiming it was "illegal", "inhumane" or something like that...

My how times have changed.

New York Times: New York City to Involuntarily Remove Mentally Ill People From Streets


In related news the San Francisco Board of Supervisors after intense debate approved the use of deadly force by police robots


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And yet it was Reagan and the republicans who cut funding and shut down mental health hospitals 

But to correct your faulty  selective memory

what democrats railed against was inhumane treatment of the mentally ill 
electro shock , lobotomies , torture not treatment

Now how pray tell do you consider involuntary mental holds and lethal robots  related  Thats a stretch even for your fear mongering

And for the record I dont have  much of an issue with involuntary mental health holds , mandatory treatment of various  mental illnesses should be enforced , much of our issues with crime and violence are due to self medicating mentally ill, families are powerless to to deal with such issues, police are powerless, no one can do a damn thing until the ill person harms someone for the most part, they are seldom ever held accountable for threats made because well they are crazy and cant be taken seriously 

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