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nice to see sarah huskster huckabe  still cant open her mouth with out lying ,  Although it seems lying is a requirement for all republican politicians theses days . The reps were pretty upset that  Biden called them all out on their plqns to gut SSI and medicare  which they have been trying to do since each was put in effect 

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Its not a lie that take home pay numbers went up , the wages them selves did, what you could buy with the  wages went down  mainly due to corporate greed  disguised  as  Inflation. As can be proven out by the increased profits 
Going through the list  each of these "biggest lies " even according to the article are true but explained away by the pandemic numbers , which are used to down play the fact . 12 million jobs were filled , though some were simply filling job that had been laid off during the pandemic.  but attempting to call it a lie is just as false and misleading .

this entire article was written by a right winger purposely distorting facts , 
economic growth again the article attempts to down play bidens gains with claims of pandemic numbers , Now lest we forget  Trump is the one that allowed the pandemic to run unchecked for the better part of a year .
Thern of course we the oil claim 
Us is the largest oil producer in the world  but because oil companies profit by selling our sweet crude for higher prices on the world market then buying cheaper sour crude from the suadis and russia, again the gas hikes were all about profits and not inflation . it wasnt even about the loss of russian oil imports .
there actually nothing in the article which cant be shown to be  misleading 

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